Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The case of the Phantom Popularity Syndrome...

At some point the MSM (MainStreamMedia) has got to come to the dread realization that they aren't fooling all of the people all of the time --- leastways -- not anymore that is.

The question is begging to be asked --- why does our seemingly clueless punditocracy continue to refer to Bush monkey Jr. as "a popular war-time President?"

Take a look at this Bush approval ratings polling chart and tell me that the media assklowns aren't either just plain stupid or even more sinister -- fucking lying outright through their phony teeth to the American people.

To those of us who have been paying attention, it is glaringly obvious that the MSM has failed miserably in it's primary duty of keeping the American people informed on not just domestic issues, which affect many of us directly, but also on foreign/world issues -- especially the fact that this country has lost a great deal of respect from most of our long-time allies and it is having a detrimental affect on our nation's ability to convince the world that our brand of Democracy is the best brand for all.

The Bushevik regime has successfully muzzled and potty-trained the American MSM to the point that they cannot be trusted anymore to be the fourth estate guardians of our Democratic way of life and the rights guaranteed to us all in our amazing Constitution, which it must be noted, is under constant attack from radical right wing political thugs like the Busheviks, their supporters and fundamentalist religious nuts and their ilk.

Thank God for the internet and the fact that the corporate whores and the radical fascists haven't yet figured out a way to subdue and monopolize it's incredibly powerful forum of direct communications to the people. It's the last, great refuge of freedom loving peoples everywhere -- and believe me --- the broad scope of it's power scares the shit out of those who desperately wish to keep the people's minds intellectually enslaved and enshrouded in the fog of state-sponsored disinformation and propaganda.

Therefore, since the MSM appears too cowardly or incapable of doing so -- I boldly ask the question: Based on this most current approval ratings chart, why does the MSM continue to refer to George W. Bush as "a popular war-time President?" The supposition that all of these media handjob folks are just plain stupid simply doesn't fly.

Therefore the only true answer to that question is this -- It's because the MSM, far from being liberal, is in fact now largely controlled by a conservative elite faction which has purposefully made the decision that the American people are not worthy of being told the truth.

And that folks does not bode well for the long-term survival of America as a free Democratic Republic.

Think about it.


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