Friday, September 03, 2004

Hometown press gets red-ass treatment!!

The local conservative rag here in Victorville, CA is called The Daily Press. They're pro-Bushista regime and pro-right-wing GOP. I immensely enjoy picking apart their lame, fact-challenged editorial content. The fact that it's so easy to call them on their lying make's it an especially pleasing task.

After the horrendous speech by Georgia Democratic Senator Zell Miller, (aka Darth Traitor), at the Republican convention the other night, the Daily Press came out with this lazy and vapid editorial .

Here's my gleeful letter in response to the hapless editors of the Victorville Daily Press:

Re: Steve Williams' editorial: Spitballs and Stemwinders:

The editors of the Daily Press once again display their rank amateurism and ethically challenged journalistic standards by lovingly embracing the bile spewed by Democratic Georgia turncoat Senator Zell Miller in his RNC convention speech without so much as attempting to analyze the truthfulness of the charges made therein. For a professional, fair and balanced look at the veracity of old wild-eyed Zell's claims, I suggest the Press's editors check out the fact-checking article by Glenn Kessler in the Washington Post:

Zell Miller is free to express his opinions. He is not free to lie through his teeth and expect to not be called on the carpet for it. Kessler's article effectively exposes Miller for the fact-challenged dissembler and sell-out political whore he truly is. And this is the kind of "values" the GOP wants the rest of America to emulate? It's even more disturbing that the Daily Press would in turn mislead and disinform their readers by turning a blind eye to Zell Miller's lies and pretending not to notice them. Does the Press exist to inform? Does telling the truth to your readers, whether you like it or not, have any value to you? With editorials like this one it doesn't appear the answer could be anything but "no." For another good take on Miller's libelous and loony speech check out Bob Somerby's .

You fellas are in some dire need of a professional fact-checking service. If some high-school educated shmuck like me, who with a computer and a modem, can effortlessly tear your editorials to shreds, imagine what a professional outfit could do to enhance the quality and integrity of your editorial content. But, being that your mostly conservative audience is made up of non-thinking Rush Limbaugh ditto-heads as it is, it must give you some comfort in knowing that you won't be held accountable for printing lies and half-truths anyhow.


Victorville, CA

I love it when the morons make it so easy to debunk their ignorant claptrap - - hehe.

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