Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Grayson Freight Train rolls on . . .

Alan Grayson keeps pummeling away at the Repugs and I really like the style in which he goes about it.

I think it's good that Grayson has some major disagreements with Obama on issues such as Iraq and Afghanistan and oversight of the Wall Street banksters, yet still feels compelled to bitch-slap Republicans when they go off on one of their childish, hate-filled rants like they've done the past few days over Obama's winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Anyhow, watch him on The Ed Show in the video clip below.

Here's Grayson's money quote about Republican's attacks on Obama winning the Nobel prize:
Grayson: I think I understand their disappointment. They're not going to be winning the Nobel Peace Prize themselves anytime soon. They probably wish that there were a Nobel Prize for fear, a Nobel Prize for hatred, a Nobel prize for racism. You know, then they'd be in the running, but I don't think they're going to be winning a Nobel Peace Prize soon.

I admire a progressive who doesn't follow lock-step in all of Obama's policies, yet still has a certain sense of loyalty to engage his party leader's enemies in fisticuffs when they unfairly attack.


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hanniturd . . .

Sean Hannity is such a fraud -- the guy can't even be truthful about his church-going habits for Christ's sake (pun intended).


Monday, October 05, 2009

Defending the indefensible . . . .

For the life of me -- if I live to be 110, I'll never, ever understand the rationale behind the teabaggers and the conservatives zeal to defend these parasites:


There she goes again . . .

My birth state, bug-shit crazy Congress-bimbo is at it again.

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann's latest crusade is to stop the heinous practice of public schools from taking young pregnant teen girls on abortion field trips.

Say what? You weren't aware schools were busing pregnant teen girls to abortion clinics? Lol ... apparently the schools weren't aware of it either --- probably, I would venture to say, because it simply doesn't happen.

Must be wonderful for conservatives to just manufacture a lie out of thin air and then attack that lie in cynical attempt to portray themselves to their brain-dead followers as standing up to the evil libruls.

But then again, these are the people that are still of the belief that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were the greatest President and Vice President in history.

Can we say cognitive dissonance?


I Don't Like Mondays . . . no really --- I honestly don't like Mondays

Uggh! If we thank God when it's Friday, who do we have to give thanks to for these atrocious Mondays? Just wondering . . .


Sunday, October 04, 2009

Greenwald speaketh - you listen . . .

Glenn Greenwald puts his finger squarely on the problem with this country's idiotic, mainstream media crayon scribblers and bobbleheads. These fuckers were wrong about Iraq and I'd lay landslide like odds that they are wrong about Iran too.

Here's Greenwald's money quote:

Reviewing the Sunday news shows and newspapers creates the most intense cognitive dissonance: a nation crippled by staggering debt, exploding unemployment, an ever-expanding rich-poor gap, and dependence on foreign government financing can't stop debating how much more resources we should devote to our various military occupations, which countries we should bomb next, which parts of the world we should bring into compliance with our dictates using threats of military force. It's like listening to an individual about to declare personal bankruptcy talking about all the new houses and jewels he plans on buying next week and all the extravagant trips he's planning, in between lamenting how important it is that he stop spending so much. That would sound insane. And that's exactly how our political discourse sounds.

So far it appears Obama and Co. are playing their cards close to the vest and at least giving the outward appearance to the world of aggressive diplomacy. Here's hoping they tune out the consistently wrong, and always colossally stupid, neo-con, braying jackasses and think things through and consider all of the ramifications before they unleash the "Shock and Awe" again.


Grayson - vs - The Nazis . . .

ROFLMAO! Just watch it.


And the Academy Award for best performance by a manipulative ideologue huckstering for a phony news organization (Fox) goes to:

I have a family member who is a big fan of Glenn Beck. Regardless of how often I point out to said family member all of the lies and misinformation that Beck is responsible for propagating on the airwaves, the dreaded Beck Zombie Syndrome has infected said family member's brain and rendered reason and truth useless weapons.

Here's something though that ought to (although I would not dare to underestimate the power of the Beck Zombie Syndrome) make Beckophiles think twice about the sincerity and and authenticity of their feckless hero.

Remember all of those teary pleas from Beck on his Fox show, begging his zombies to take America back from the mysterious, amorphous enemy that purportedly is intent on transforming America into a mass, state run socialist hippie commune? You know, the episodes where he's so torn up about the future of his beloved fatherland that it instantly triggers rivulets of heartbroken tears streaming down the Beckster's pudgy face? And with that furrowed and those puckered lips, you just know it couldn't be an act -- right?

Think again. Just watch.


**UPDATE**: Grayson hammers Fed Reserve 09/25/2009

If you haven't warmed to Alan Grayson and his pit bull attacks on the non-existent GOP plans for health care reform, maybe this video will soften your stance on him.

Watch as Grayson, piece-by-piece, dismantles the General Counsel (top attorney) for the Federal Reserve in a bid to peel back the layers of financial shenanigans being perpetrated by the banksters and their Wall street henchmen.

It's a beautiful thing --- not unlike a Python finishing off it's victim --- it's a slow motion strangulation by Grayson of the Fed Counsel, and it's nothing short of fascinating to watch.