Saturday, December 12, 2009

We're #1 ! We're #1 ! Ummm -- no . . .

A Bill Maher blast from the Bush era past. Yet still relevant today.


Saturday M-Vloggin' - - with Droopy Dog

If this doesn't make you laugh, then what can I say? You must have been awol the day the Invisible Cloud Being was handing out the humor gene.


Onward TeaBag Soldiers . . . .

The Teabagger assklowns are gearing up for another show of farce. Here's their latest plan (if by plan you mean a soulless, cognitively dissonant clusterfuck) to show the rest of America what top-flight patriots they are:

So here’s the plan. On Tuesday, December 15 at 8:45 AM thousands of us will meet in Washington, DC at the fountain in Upper Senate Park. From there we will march to the Senate offices, go inside, and demonstrate our opposition to the government takeover of health care. We call this plan “Government Waiting Rooms”. The intention is to go inside the Senate offices and hallways, and play out the role of patients waiting for treatment in government controlled medical facilities. As the day goes on some of us will pretend to die from our untreated illnesses and collapse on the floor. Many of us plan to stay there until they force us to leave. A backup location for this demonstration will be announced if they block us from entering the offices.

We need as many of you as possible to be there to make our point loudly and clearly. Please make plans to attend. We know it’s a sacrifice to do this right before Christmas. But throughout history American Patriots have made far greater sacrifices than this to protect our liberty. Now the burden (and the honor) falls on us.

Truth be told, if these troglodytes truly gave a sincere flying fuck about the state of the health care situation in America, they'd be marching into the offices of the obscenely compensated CEO's of the health insurance companies demanding they allow a public option plan to fairly compete in the marketplace. But those of us who actually pay attention and have studied the issue instead of getting our information from the mouths of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity know of course that the health insurance industry would much rather maintain it's profit-driven business model and monopoly just the way it is. And they will spend millions of dollars out of the obscenely costly premiums that they charge people to purchase the preservation of their mafioso-like operation in the halls of Congress.

Let's face it folks, the teabaggers are not about taxes - under Obama the majority of American's taxes have remained the same or diminished. They are not about preserving the constitution -- can we say "rendition", "torture", "domestic surveillance", "manufacturing evidence to go to war"??? Please. And they certainly are not about opposition to a "government takeover" of health care (Medicare has been around for 45 years) -- duh. No -- the teabaggers are not really about any of those issues.

Here's why.

These people did not give a flippant shit while Bush and Cheney ransacked the U.S. treasury with their ill-advised tax cuts for the wealthy, their trillion dollar wars of choice in Iraq and Afghanistan and their supremely destructive mismanagement of the nation's economy. Nope --not a single goddamn peep. From my point of view these armchair patriots with their faux indignation, their suck-ass conservative ideology, their anti-intellectual mindset and myopic ignorance are simply a bunch of piss-poor fucking electoral losers who, all sputtering denials aside, just can't stand the fact that a black Democrat from Chicago with the middle name of Hussein is now President of the United States of America.

That, in a nutshell, is what the teabagger's and their juvenile, douchebag movement are all about.

Hey teabaggers --- you know what? You fucking lost the election. Get over it finally!

Just saying . . .


Friday, December 11, 2009

Ed Schultz has a question . . .

On Thursday, I hosted my MSNBC "Ed Show" from the Kansas City Convention Center. There have been few days in my thirty year broadcasting career that have moved me as much as this experience did. I saw the real America. In the middle of the country, two thousand miles from the beltway, I witnessed middle class Americans standing in line for hours waiting to see a doctor. Some had not seen a doctor in years. They have jobs, some working two jobs, but can't afford the cost of insurance and basically are on the GOP plan: pray you don't get sick.

The stories were gut wrenching. I couldn't help but think this is where the Senate needs to do their business. Do it right in front of the eyes of the people in their own country who are struggling to make ends meet and live in dignity. The Senate should do business in front of the families that have played by the rules and have been dealt a personal set back for one reason or another. Have the guts to tell these people to their face that they aren't worthy of health care because they don't have money. They may see these faces briefly on the campaign trail, but they make no decisions in front of them when they are standing in line in pain, in agony and in desperate need.

America has a heartless side to it as well. That is demonstrated when U.S. Senators put the God Almighty Dollar in front of people who put them in office. How any law maker could deny full access and full health care coverage is beyond me. Senators who put themselves ahead of the people and who have been spoiled by the Washington good life have lost their soul and what it means to be an American. We throw billions of dollars at wars, often without hesitation, but some in the Congress are willing to treat humans in their own country like a piece of machinery that can be left in a junk yard.

My God, what has happened to America?

What's happened to America Ed is that America has lost it's collective mind and soul. This country has jettisoned it's moral compass in the pursuit of capitalist nirvana. What can be said about a society that allows 45,000 of it's citizens to die unnecessarily EVERY YEAR simply for lack of access to basic health care? That's the equivalent of 15 9/11's every year.

Here's how bad it is -- the elites in this country have actually convinced their handpicked lackeys in the judicial system, all the way to the Supreme Court, that corporations are "people." And when a precious word like people is reduced to such a degraded, emotionless, legal concept as such, is it any wonder then that the state of affairs in America today is in the sorry condition that it is?

Wake up folks. Wall Street and corporate America DO NOT have your best interests at heart. They never have. I would even go so far as to say that they DO NOT have America's best interests at heart.

Get involved, speak out. Protest. Pick a side (hopefully the good one) and stand up and fight for the principles of justice and righteousness. And while doing it, do not forget that we're all part of the human family.

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Friday M-Vloggin' - - with Lewis Black

Now that George Carlin is down in Hades smacking Beelzebub around, the title of "My Favorite Living Comic" has to go to Lewis Black. Here Lewis makes some profound observations on American arrogance, health care, and milk. Take it away Lewis!


Will the American empire meet it's demise in Afghanistan?

I can't say that I disagree with the core message of this cartoon.

Obama is a gifted politician and an unquestioningly clever man, but I find it hard to believe he will accomplish that which the Soviet empire could not do, that which the British empire could not do and that which the Turkish and Mongol empires could not do -- namely tame a hellish, fractious land who's people are constantly at internecine war, but who somehow find the will to band together to repel outside invaders when the occasion arises.

I've resigned myself to the view that the outcome of this conflict is preordained. And that's not being pessimistic, it's called being realistic.


Oh noooo -- say it ain't soooo . . .

CHARLESTON, S.C. — South Carolina's first lady, a former Wall Street vice president who helped launch her husband's political career, announced Friday she is filing for divorce months after his tearful public confession of an affair with an Argentine woman.

"This came after many unsuccessful efforts at reconciliation, yet I am still dedicated to keeping the process that lies ahead peaceful for our family," Jenny Sanford said in a statement.

A spokesman for her husband, (Republican) Gov. Mark Sanford, had no immediate comment. The divorce complaint was filed Friday in Charleston County Family Court.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Must be Josef Goebbels Appreciation Day in FOXville . . .

This is not a a parody.

Actual FOX News poll question seen online:

Question: "What do you think President Obama would like to do with the extra bank bailout money -- save it for an emergency, spend it on government programs that might help him politically in 2010 and 2012, or return it to taxpayers?"

Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge, say no more!

The obvious insinuation of course is that one of Obama's considerations of what to do with the surplus bailout (taxpayer) money is to give it away to the ni66ers, spics and ACORN.

Fair and Balanced --- MY ASS!


It is what it is . . .

On occasion I get approached by folks and am asked why I have such a visceral dislike for Sarah Palin. My answer to that query basically has not changed from the day that I did my homework on her and discovered where she stands on the important issues of the day and what she really seems to be all about.

To state it bluntly -- I think she's an uninformed, blithering, deeply dishonest fucking demagogue and if the years 2001 thru 2008 weren't proof enough as to what transpires when you put an uninformed, blithering, dishonest fucking demagogue in charge of America's domestic and foreign affairs, then I'm sorry because I don't believe there is much I can do to help you see the light on that subject.

Having said that - one thing that must be noted, which ironically is a good thing about Sarah Palin, is that she keeps opening her mouth. And in the process of doing so she exponentially enhances her dishonesty and idiocy credentials which correspondingly provides her detractors (such as me) with an ever burgeoning stack of evidence demonstrating what an uninformed, blithering, dishonest fucking demagogue she is.

And as for these people that I constantly see being interviewed on television news at Palin's book signings who are fawning over her and gushing about what a great President she would be -- I gotta tell ya -- those people scare the living shit out of me. Honestly they do.

What it boils down to is this -- I don't want the individual who is to be burdened with running the world's greatest democracy elected based on the idea of whether they might be fun to have a few beers with or how "regular" or "down home" they appear to be or how impressively they mouth the "family values" meme. That is precisely the kind of foolish, non-thinking attitude and mind-set that got us saddled with GWBush and we can all see where that got us.

I want a President who's actually cracked open a history book at some point in their life, read what was in it and seriously pondered the ramifications of past mistakes. I want a President who has read newspapers. I want a President who has traveled internationally and experienced other cultures and peoples. I want a President who has risen to power on their own initiative instead of on the coattails of wealthy, politically connected family members. I want a President who at least makes an honest effort to serve the needs of all of the people instead of only the elite few. And last but not least, when the going gets tough (because politics is a tough business) I want a President who, through hell or high water, is going to stick around and finish the job that the people elected him or her to do.

If you feel that with those previous two paragraphs I am insinuating that George W. Bush was a disaster for America and that Sarah Palin would be an even bigger disaster - you would be absolutely correct and I do not have an iota of remorse for stating such.

Needless to say, it's my fervent hope that the American people are intelligent and thoughtful enough to see thru the Palin "aww shucks/you betcha" smokescreen and send her and her fundamentalist religio-whacko, isolationist, science-hating supporters shuffling off into the twilight of irrelevancy where they rightfully belong.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Grayson -vs- the Dick . . .

Alan Grayson drives the right-wingers into frothy-mouthed fits of rage because he does what every other Democrat in Washington and every liberal media pundit is too spineless to do -- he goes on national television and tells Dick Cheney to Shut The Fuck Up and laments the fact the corrupt prick wasn't impeached.

Fucking Bravo!!


A good reason to be a gun owner . . .

Just read the title of this article, bypass the body of it, then go directly to the reader comments section and peruse some of the comments.

And there you will find, in all of it's exquisitely monstrous glory, an open window into your modern day, conservative neanderthal's mindset. Acknowledging of course, that I've made the necessary leap of faith here in even conjecturing that your modern day conservative has a "mind" to begin with.

Nonetheless -- read it -- and fear for your country if these troglodytes ever gain the levers of political power.



COLUMBIA, S.C. – South Carolina lawmakers voted down a measure to impeach Gov. Mark Sanford on Wednesday, but recommended a formal rebuke that said his travels and trysts with an Argentine mistress brought the state "ridicule, dishonor, disgrace and shame."

Most of the seven legislative panel members said the Republican should resign, though his affair, use of state planes and a 2008 taxpayer-funded trip to Argentina were not serious misconduct that merited removal from office.

Instead, the lawmakers unanimously approved a resolution saying he has "brought ridicule, dishonor, disgrace, and shame not only upon Governor Sanford but upon this state and its citizens which rises to a level which requires a formal admonishment and censure."

Sanford has been under scrutiny since June when he tearfully revealed a yearlong affair. Ensuing probes of his travel and campaign spending led to more than three dozen state ethics charges and the potential for $74,000 in fines. His second and final term ends in January 2011.

"We can't impeach for hypocrisy. We can't impeach for arrogance. We can't impeach an officeholder for his lack of leadership skills," said Rep. James Harrison, the Columbia Republican who headed the panel.

State Rep. Jenny Horne, a Republican, sobbed as she spoke of Sanford hurting his family. "I can only imagine the pain that they have endured and will continue to endure," Horne said.

Haha! Wow -- if conclusive evidence ever existed proving the hypocrisy superiority of American conservatives and Republicans in general -- this has to be it.

Can you imagine if S.C. Governor Mark Sanford had the letter "D" after his name instead of an "R"? Oh my -- the hue and cry that would have burst forth from the GOP morality police would have been deafening!

And check out those hilarious quotes from the crestfallen South Carolina Republicans in the article (bold lettering)! Comedy Gold!!

Funny thing -- I can't seem to recall any Republicans poo-poohing the hypocrisy, arrogance and lack of leadership when it came to Bill Clinton's Monica dalliance. On the contrary -- those transgressions were central tenets of the GOP's argument in favor of Clinton's impeachment.

Nor do I recall any Republicans sobbing crocodile tears on the floor of the House while lamenting the spiritual and emotional damage Clinton's affair may have had on poor Hillary and Chelsea.

What a bunch of soulless, hypocritical, phony bastards your modern day conservatives have become. It's why I despise them and mock them so mercilessly.

There's been a long-standing internet acronym that describes this kind of political hypocrisy from conservatives/Republicans -- it's IOKIYAR (It's OK If You're A Republican). As of today I'm modifying that acronym -- to me it shall hence forward be changed to IAOFKIYAR (It's A O Fucking K If You're A Republican).


Who cares about jobs, health care, war funding, housing crisis, education...etc. ---Christmas must be saved!!

December 9, 2009

HOUSE GOP IS PRO-CHRISTMAS.... It was just six weeks ago that House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) decided he was fed up with empty, meaningless congressional resolutions. These largely symbolic measures are taken up all the time -- it's been routine fare for years -- but Boehner decided they're now evidence of Democratic negligence. "These are your hard-earned tax dollars at work," Boehner scoffed.

He apparently didn't persuade his own caucus. This week, 19 House Republicans unveiled a resolution (H. RES. 951) to make it clear that Congress likes Christmas.

Right. Because the single most critical problem facing America and Americans today is the life & death question of whether some people lovingly embrace Christmas more than others.

You really have to applaud the unbridled and arrogant cynicism of the conservative Republicans in pushing this juvenile meme. I surmise that since they are out of power and have absolutely no constructive or intelligent ideas to add to the debates on health care, education, the economy, foreign policy, and the housing crisis that they might just as well stomp their feet, throw tantrums, obstruct everything, play childish games and rile up the Fox News rubes. Pathetic.



The former speaker of the Missouri House has been charged with a felony after what looks like a bout of sado-masochistic sex that went way too far.

Details are still unconfirmed, we should note. But a woman appears to have suggested to police that Rod Jetton, a Republican who now works as a political consultant, may have slipped something into her drink, then beat her up during sex, after she failed to use the safe word they had agreed upon as a signal to calm things down.

...The woman added that she and Jetton had agreed on the phrase "green balloons" as a "safe word" that she could use if things got too rough during sex. That's not uncommon among people who enjoy sex that involves dominance and submission.

Why does it not surprise me to see yet another story of a married with children, "family values" spouting, church-going Republican involved in kinky sexcapades? If these right wing holier-than-thou assholes actually spent as much time trying to come to terms with their own internal demons as they do in attempting to pass laws restricting other people's sex lives, maybe I wouldn't get such delirious enjoyment out of hearing about their creepy episodes.

Just saying . . .


The FOX syndrome . . .

Jon Stewart brilliantly captures the "essence" of Fox News. The calculated and deliberate dumbing down of the news and political discourse that Fox & Friends engages in directly equates to a more ignorant and easily manipulated public. Think about it -- it actually makes sense. Because the very last thing the conservative movement wants is an educated, well informed electorate that is able to see thru the smoke and mirror bullshit of the conservative/unbridled capitalism ideology to realize how badly the right's economic, social and foreign policies are fucking all of us in the ass.

Just saying . . .

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Lying liars . . .

Andrew Sparrow, senior political correspondent, Tuesday 8 December 2009 17.44 GMT
An Iraqi taxi driver may have been the source of the discredited claim that Saddam Hussein could unleash weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes, a Tory MP claimed today.

Adam Holloway, a defence specialist, said MI6 obtained information indirectly from a taxi driver who had overheard two Iraqi military commanders talking about Saddam's weapons.

The 45-minute claim was a key feature of the dossier about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction that was released by Tony Blair in September 2002. Blair published the information to bolster public support for war.

At some point the truth will be in full view for all to see and my hope is that it occurs in my lifetime and that I have the privilege of seeing certain politicians and media moguls sitting in a docket at the Hague for their crimes. Having said that though and knowing how "justice" actually works in this country, I won't be awaiting that day with an overabundance of anticipatory expectation.


Crime & Punishment . . . a tale of two cultures

Tue Dec 8, 6:29 am ET

BEIJING (Reuters) – China on Tuesday executed a former securities trader for embezzlement, the first person in the industry to be put to death, but millions of yuan are still missing, a state newspaper said.

Harsh? Yes. Unnecessary? I'm not so sure. After seeing how the greedy and corrupt money-changers of this country destroyed an economy and the lives of so many it's difficult for me to think that perhaps if a few of these American Bank and financial institution CEO's could be seen hanging by their necks from a public gallows, maybe, just maybe, a message of unambiguous nature would be conveyed to those who aspire to commit the same crimes at some future date.

Just saying . . .