Saturday, October 17, 2009


Award winning author Ron Suskind validates krazee's charge that Fox News is a wholly owned subsidiary of the RNC.

Not like it needed any more proof mind you.


Friday, October 16, 2009

God I hate Glenn Beck . . . . more than ever now

Ok -- there comes a time when the boundaries of decency have been so egregiously violated that one has to stand up and speak out about it without hesitation or caution.

I'm referring in this case to Fox News' resident sleazoid McCarthyite Glenn Beck co-opting the name of Revolutionary War pamphleteer extraordinaire and the Godfather of American Democracy Thomas Paine, to peddle Beck's brain-addled, right-wing political flim-flammery.

Thomas Paine is a literary and historical hero to me. Seminal works such as 'Rights of Man', 'Common Sense', 'The Age of Reason (parts 1 & 2)', 'Agrarian Justice', along with a voluminous library of letters written to political friend and foe over an incredible lifetime have immeasurably inspired my own worldly views - both political and spiritual. Paine's role in the history of western democracy is of such importance, suffice to say that if there hadn't been a Thomas Paine, there quite likely would never have been a United States of America (and that is a view held by many founding fathers including George Washington).

Just about everything that Beck rails about in the video clip below, Thomas Paine would have vehemently disagreed with.

And it is why the mere thought of Glenn Beck wrapping his ignorant, pudgy, fascist ass in the banner of Thomas Paine's writings makes me uncontrollably nauseous.

Mr. Beck I beseech you sir! --- KEEP YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF OF THOMAS PAINE !!


Friday M-Vloggin' - - with Fats Domino & Cheap Trick

Great song from 2 different musical eras. Ain't That A Shame.




Captain Mike's Log: To Boldly Go Where No Liberal Has Gone Before!

I've made the observation previously but I'll do so again.

There are times when I'm of the view that Michael Moore makes himself much too easy of a target for the right wing smear merchants, such as his very public anti Iraq war stance at the Oscars a few years back. While I absolutely can sympathize with Moore, because like myself, he doesn't give a rats ass what the conservanuts think about him and he just goes full speed ahead with his public views, he could be a bit more cognizant of who his audience is when he does speak out.

Having said that though, you have to give the guy credit for going into the lion's den time and time again to brazenly poke a stick into the ribs of the conservative powers that be whom also happen to be his mortal political enemies.

Case in point - the accompanying video clip. Moore goes on Morning Joe to face off against Wall Street apologist/lackey Maria Bartiromo and calls her out on her knee-jerk defense of the capitalist con-men and greedy elites in our society who've gotten the country into the financial and economic crisis that it's in right now. He literally laughs in her face as she sputters her "capitalism can do no wrong" inanities.

Anyhow, it's why I like Moore -- no fear, willing to call bullshit bullshit, and gleefully unapologetic about his views.

Oh - and love the dig he gets in at the racist, pill popping piece of shit Limbaugh at the end of the clip. Priceless.


The power of the cult mentality . . .

I would really love to hear from any Glenn Beck fans out there re: this video clip.

I would be absolutely delighted to hear your explanations as to what exactly it is about this ridiculous, deeply dishonest man that you find so enlightening and intellectually stimulating?

Don't be shy! I am truly curious as to what forms of psychological machinations occur in the minds of Beckophiles that so heavily influences their cult-like attraction to such an idiotic, mentally disturbed individual.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

The National Enquirization of American media plows full speed ahead . . .

Well -- I guess this was the "big news" today -- or at least it appeared to be so since every cable news channel I flipped to seemed to be covering the amazing saga of "balloon boy."

The American news media behemoth gets punked by a 6 year old kid. How utterly goddamn embarrassing. And yet I will still have people ask me why I refuse to get my daily news from my idiot box.

It's because this is the kind of stuff that appears to be what constitutes "news" in this country these days:

Our culture is so fucked. Thanks Rupert you greedy prick.


Holy Fuck! Are the Conservanuts really that stupid and repugnant? Ummm -- yes.

Battling right wing stupidity and assholery can be a maddening exercise at times. This story chronicles one of those times.

As it appears that some form of Democratic constructed health care reform is going to pass this year, meaning the conservatives have lost the battle, how do right wing Republicans react? Well, by doing what they and their zombie followers do best --- manufacture a scary, phony story about those dastardly swarthy Muslims and their defacto leader Barack Hussein Obama and how the sneaky towel heads are infiltrating Congressional Committees in order to convert the American government over to Muslim Sharia Law.

I shit you not.

Read all the disgusting, embarrassing details here.

It's times such as this where I begin to have serious thoughts that right-wing conservatism has grown into such a destructive cancer on this nation's body politic that maybe it needs a big fucking mega-dose of radiation to eradicate it once and for all. These people are beyond bug-shit insane. They are a fucking menace to Democracy and society in general and it's about time someone slaps the God-awful stupid out of them. The only thing that remains to be determined -- is how to go about doing it?


The Real Death Panels? . . . Your Health Care Insurance Provider

By William Ehart

Ian Pearl has fought for his life every day of his 37 years. Confined to a wheelchair and hooked to a breathing tube, the muscular dystrophy victim refuses to give up.

But his insurance company already has.

Legally barred from discriminating against individuals who submit large claims, the New York-based insurer simply canceled lines of coverage altogether in entire states to avoid paying high-cost claims like Mr. Pearl's.

I'm still waiting for my conservative friends, or any health-care reform loathing teabagger for that matter, to explain to me their allegiance to these scumbag health insurance companies? I'm all ears!

Oh -- btw, since it's very likely that Mr. Pearl will die without the medical care he has been receiving through his health insurance plan, where are the pro-life voices on this issue? Where is Sarah Palin and her "Obama death panel" warnings? Where is the voice of a single Repukelican Congressman or Senator to denounce these amoral monsters who prioritize company profits over human life?

Yeah that's what I figured.


Oh my . . .

As if any additional proof were needed demonstrating that it's the Teabaggers, Birthers, Tenthers, Palinites and Beckophiles who are the true fringe radicals in this country, take a moment and check out this video of these unhinged goons roughing up one of their own, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) at a recent townhall meeting.

And pray tell what was Lindsey Graham's heinous crime? It seems the good Southern GOP Senator had the bald-faced temerity to talk to Democratic Senator John Kerry (horror of horrors!) about addressing the very real issue of Global Climate change.


To rape or not to rape . . .

Jon Stewart tries to make sense of the pro-rape Republican party.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Invention of Lying Ad Nauseum . . .

How can I be so certain of my statements that Fox News is not a legitimate "News" outlet?

The answer is in the video below.

Swiftboat Liars For Truth author Jerome Corsi get's invited to spew his bile all over the public airwaves on a consistent basis by Fox despite the fact that Corsi's numerous lies and bizarro world conspiracy theories have been doggedly debunked to the point of debunk fatigue on the part of honest fact checkers the world over.

So why does Fox continually provide a known serial liar a soapbox to spread his lies unchallenged? Doing so necessarily calls Fox's own journalistic credibility squarely into question -- and if you are of the belief that it doesn't, I would have to question your ability to discern reality from fantasy.

Anyhow, Media Matters provides a rundown of Jerome Corsi's plentiful lies here and there are truly some whoppers which are easily fact-checkable. Obviously though, Sean Hannity and Fox have made the decision that their rube viewers are too stupid and/or too gullible to be trusted with the truth, so onward and downward into the lie sewer they go.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday M-Vloggin' - - with CCR

Local weather outlets are predicting 2-4 inches of rain tonight through tomorrow in krazee's sand and cactus enclave.

Good. Lord knows we could use it.


CNN Goatfuckers . . .

Jon Stewart and friends rightfully take Fox News wannabe CNN to task for their lazy, shitty and dysfunctional journalistic standards.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Dems and Obama admin no longer denying reality . . .

I and many other more prominent and widely read bloggers have been saying it -- no, screaming it from the rooftops -- for at least 5 years or more. Better late than never I suppose.

WASHINGTON - It's war.

The Obama administration declared Fox News - and its owner, reporters and commentators - shills for the President's Republican opponents Sunday.

"Let's not pretend they're a news network," White House communications director Anita Dunn said on CNN's "Reliable Sources," firing the latest salvo in the long-simmering feud.

"Fox News often operates almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party," Dunn said.

"What I think is fair to say about Fox, and certainly the way we view it, is that it really is more a wing of the Republican Party," she added.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday M-Vloggin' - - with The Gin Blossoms

While I am of the view that there is legitimate room for debate as to whether President Barack Obama was deserving of the Nobel Peace prize honor based on the fact he has yet to wind down America's disastrous occupation of Iraq and has ramped up the quagmire-like operations in Afghanistan, it appears to me that the eruption of virulent and vitriolic right-wing outrage over the award is based almost entirely on one thing and one thing only --- rock star jealousy.

So with that in mind, here's a song dedicated to the wingnuts and their ceaseless ability to provide this humble blogger with a seemingly endless supply of comedic material.