Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Why do Republicans hate democracy??

This story of the Rethuglicans trashing democracy in Nevada is probably only the tip of the iceberg taken in the context of a nationwide election.

I hope everyone of these fascist pricks are caught and I hope the story of what they are doing gets national airplay in the media. The fact that they are being funded by the RNC (Republican National Committee) speaks volumes about the GOP's respect for the rule of law and for democratic principles. I've been holding my tongue in not trying to label the current brand of right-wing Republicans as the modern equivalent of the Nazi party, but when you read shit like this it's fucking damn near impossible not to speak the truth of the matter.

If Bush wins, you can almost be certain that once again, as in 2000, criminal, anti-democratic activities perpetrated by and on behalf of the Republicans will almost certainly have been the deciding factor.

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