Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Mission Accomplished?? Well . . . . . not quite . . . . .

As for U.S. troops leaving, she said in response to forceful questioning from Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel (news, bio, voting record) of Nebraska, "Our role is directly proportional ... to how capable the Iraqis are."

"I am really reluctant to try to put a timetable on that, because I think the goal is to get the mission accomplished and that means that the Iraqis have to be capable of some things before we lessen our own responsibility," she said.

---- Secretary of State nominee Condoleeza Rice answering questions at her Senate Confirmation hearing 01/18/2005.


Very interesting!!

Condoliarzz Rice states under oath that the mission in Iraq is not yet accomplished!! So who is lying?? Her or her Smirking Chimperor boss G.W. Bush??

I seem to remember a certain dissembling boy king dressing up as a fighter pilot, flying on to the deck of the USS Lincoln, then standing in front of a humongous red, white and blue banner which said - "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED", patting himself on the head and reveling in the delusional madness of his self-perceived greatness. Did I dream that PR stunt up?? Please tell me I'm not the only one who saw that obscene charade on national television.

All of that fakery took place about 1000 dead American soldiers ago.

America is being run by a bunch of pathological liars, thugs and soulless criminals. But boy --- good thing we impeached evil old Bill Clinton for lying about that blow job huh?? We sure showed the world what kind of morals we have!!

Sigh!! . . .

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