Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bush's Enron pals laughed while people died -- par for the conservative course . . .

Ahhh --- good old Enron.

Anyone remember those guys?

Friends and big money donors to Bush, Cheney and the ReThuglicans?

Oh those were the glory days for the Bush crime family!

This article describes the latest audiotapes uncovered in the ongoing investigation proving what a bunch of black-hearted, thieving cocksuckers all of these people were/are.

Remember when, prior to being ousted in a GOP bought and engineered recall, California Governor Gray Davis tried to convince Vice pResident, Oil Slick Dick Cheney to reign in his pals and put price caps on the west coast energy prices?? And old Oil Slick Dick just told Governor Davis to fuck off?? Remember that. Of course Californians wrongly laid the blame for the "energy crisis" at Gov. Davis's doorstep and subsequently elected the groping, Austrian musclehead as their new Governor.

I pray that during my lifetime I live to see the day when George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are frog-marched into cold, dark smelly prison cells and left to rot till their dying days. Then and only then will my faith in the phrase "And Justice for All" be restored.

Click here and read what your glorious leader and mafia kingpin has in store for the rest of America.


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