Friday, March 18, 2005

Republicans want power to decide when you should die!!

If any one subject could rouse me from my latest writer's block slumber, it's this one.

How fucking dare these pious, ugly, self-righteous Republicans in Congress interfere in the Terri Schiavo case!

Does anyone besides me see this action for anything other than it is ---- a sick, calculated, immoral, and shameless attempt to smear Democrats and anyone who happens to have a conscience as well as a heart, with the charge of MURDER!!!?

---- I've studied a bit of American political history - I can honestly say - I've never seen anything as shameless and as gutter-level evil as what the Republicans are doing with this case. Makes me want to vomit. I hope all you Republican, red-state Bush-dick-sucking supporters now understand what kind of mindless, heartless, cynical and immoral sons of bitches you've elected to political power in this country.

If you aren't shamed by these people, it wouldn't surprise me --- not one bit.

You same fucking morons impeached one man for lying about a consensual sexual affair, but now turn a blind eye to another man deceitfully fabricating reasons for war which has seen thousands of American kids killed and maimed and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians slaughtered. That is the Bush/Republican legacy.

You've turned a blind eye to corporate cronies of Bush and Cheney raping America's resources, plundering this country's treasury with their Enron and Ponzi schemes, enriching friends and family while endangering the health and well-being of all. That is the Bush/Republican legacy.

And of course --- the businessmen --- oh what fun they've had -- making a mockery of America's financial reputation around the world --- once revered by all, only now viewed as a liability by all. That is the Bush/Republican legacy.

Stop the insanity! Stop the Fundamentalists! Stop the people who want to destroy America and Democracy!

Vote anything, anybody but Republican in your next election. Send the message. Get fucking involved in ur community, city, state politics! Take control!! Please!!!!!


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