Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Who Gives A Ratzinger's Ass?? Not Me! . . .

Here's a few pretty clear reasons as to why I don't give a rat's fucking ass about the Catholic Church and their new child-rape apologist Pope.

This story not only infuriated me, but now that Ratzinger is the new Pope makes me wonder whether his selection was quid pro quo payback for his neat, efficient and loyal work in covering up priestly crimes against children.

This story ought to bother anyone in America who has even the slightest regard for Democracy and the basic safeguard against tyranny known commonly as the separation between church and state. Scary shit and if you ask me we ought to be actively pursuing legislation revoking the tax exempt status of the Catholic Church for sticking their corrupt noses in America's electoral process.

And lastly this story --- seems the old Kraut Josef Ratzinger was a Hitler Youth member and a conscript in Hitler's quickly fading Army towards the waning days of WW2. Of course, the world knows that the Catholic Church and the German people turned a blind eye to the Nazi genocide of the Jews in Europe. Only when it became evident that Hitler's regime was on the brink of a devastating defeat did the Catholic hierarchy suddenly find it's moral compass and begin speaking out against the deadly and horrific stench of death that had been accumulating right beneath their own goddamned noses for several years.

Organized religion ---- PHOOEY!! It's always been the scourge of mankind and a major hindrance to humanity's progress and is so to this day.


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