Saturday, June 04, 2005

krazee talks back --- to a modern conservative asshole...

In response to:

(3-time divorced, Hillbilly heroin addict, Rush Limbaugh made statement on his radio program that Democratic voters don't need a voting holiday because "most of their voters don't work anyway.")

And here's krazee's response to "Dumb lib's" asinine commentary (see above link):

You're a fucking moron u know that "Dumb lib"?

You love Rush Limbslob so much, I bet if you'd have had the chance you would've sucked the pus out of his anal cyst, the one the yellow-bellied, pill-popping coward used as an excuse to get out of going to Vietnam.

Aside from Limbaugh's Vietnam evasion and his little problem of having his housekeeper score drugs for him in Denny's parking lots, I'm really perplexed as to why anyone listens to this hateful fucking liar?? What is it about him that makes you conservatives wet your pants over him? He lies with impunity --- you can count them all here: and he claims to have "talent on loan from God." --- LOL!! That's the magic buzzword I guess -- the God endorsement. Holy shit ---- some dumb fuckers in this country...

I bet u also love Tom "Cockroach killer" DeLay too. His excuse for not going to Nam was that "all the minorities took up all the good slots in his area!" Awwwwwwwwww! Poor Tommy ---- didn't get his chance to go off to the rice-paddies and kill the yellow man...WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Ha ha! Here's a list of a few more cowardly conservative republican chicken-hawks --- all who found one excuse or another to avoid going to fight the evil Communists in Vietnam, but who supported that war with gusto:

Dick Cheney --- 4 deferments --- "had other priorities"
GWBush --- daddy pulled strings to get him in TX ANG champagne unit --- he failed to show up for last year and half of duty.
Richard Perle --- too smart to die
Paul Wolfowitz --- too smart to die
Newt Gingrich ---- college deferments -- too smart to die
John "I'm the biggest fucking egotistical asshole on planet earth" Bolton
Andy "America is under attack Mr. President" Card
Elliot "never met a human rights abuser he didn't like" Abrams
Bill "gambling is bad for you unless ur a rich fat fuck like me" Bennett
I. "Scooter" Libby---outed CIA agent Valerie Plame to get back at her husband for his telling truth about Bush's lies in the Nigerian yellow-cake statement.
. . . . . . . . . . . la-dee-da-dee-da ...... Holy cowardly fucks Batman!! -- I'm beginning to detect a pattern here!!....
Bill O'Reilly
Michael Reagan
Michael Savage ....... and on and on and on and on and on and on. . . . . .
Sean Hannity was too young for Vietnam, but why wasn't his ass over in Iraq for Desert Storm??? huh? huh?? another cowardly big-mouth who loves war as long as others fight it.... (I'm a proud military vet myself so thank u very fucking much).
You can see the whole sordid Republican chicken-hawk list here:

The day that I see one of todays conservative fucking blowhards put on the uniform, strap a 50 lb. sack to their back, pick up a rifle and start manning the front lines in Iraq, is the day that I just might, just might, stop thinking that they are the slimy, primordial fucking ooze that that they are ---but I know that day will never happen. And so do u "Dumb lib" - you greasy, self-fellating fuck-knob.

Here is what TODAY'S conservatives are, and I stress TODAY'S because at one time there were some reasonable, intelligent, ethical, and caring conservatives in this country --- not many left anymore -- today's modern conservatives are nothing but fucking serial liars, corporate whores, faux-religious, millitary-service cowards and at the core of their dirty black hearts --- racist cocksuckers -- oh yeah --- don't even try to deny that one.

As to your Clinton bashing --- YAWN!! -- get the fuck over it will you?? If you had an ounce of shit for brains, you would've known that Kathleen Willey was nearly charged with perjury by Ken Starr's successor Robert Ray u stupid fuck. That's how credible he found her lies to be. Juanita Broadrick?? Bwa-Ha-ha! Yeah -- her story really got Bill in trouble didn't it? Idiot twat-breath.

U sex-obsessed Republican fucks just can't get over Clinton's free blow job can you?? Tells me your all either a bunch of sexually repressed goat-fuckers or closet homosexuals. Shit -- Conservative abortion-clinic terrorist Neal Horsley just recently admitted to having sex with a donkey when he was a young man living on the family farm!! Lol! The sick fuck even admitted it on FOX Whore News Hannity and PuppetboyColmes show -- heres the link:

So please don't make me go through the whole roll-call of which famous conservatives have been involved with which sexual pecadilloes --- believe me -- it's more than enough to make Clinton look like a fucking choir boy! Don't dare me to go down that road bitch --- you'll regret it.

As far as your beloved emperor goes --- King Shrubya --- he's a mindless, dithering dolt. And a liar. And a coward. And a crook. It'd be easy to back each of those statements up with facts about the Texas-twang-monkey culled from the public records. Shit --- Dan Rather had it right about one thing --- dubya did use poppy to get out of combat duty in vietnam --- only problem was --- Dan talked to the wrong person and got some bogus documents and the right wing ditto-monkeys went ape-shit. Bottom line tho is this -- nobody could refute the core of the story that Chimp-boy failed to complete his military duty to America at a time when a lot of young, and much poorer kids were getting their fucking asses shot off over in Vietnam.

And fast-forward --- then u fucking bastards had the nerve to paint John Kerry as a liar about his documented war service?? Holy Mother of Cocksucking, Lying Irony!! Those "Swift Boat Liars for Smearing Kerry" fuckers will most suredly burn in hell for their lies -- along side that sneering little troll Karl "I jerk off just dreaming about who to smear next" Rove. God knows that they'll all deserve every second of everlasting agony.

So here's pissing on you and your conservative ilk "Dumb lib".

One last thing:

Pat "cover up whore for Nixon" Buchanan once said that America is in the midst of a culture war --- Well - I sure as fuck hope that war comes soon ---- because this gun-toting liberal would love to take out a few Fascist, Nazi right wing pricks like you in the defense of democracy and a free America's future.

Therefore -- Fuck off and die snotboy!! Proud and angry liberal!!


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