Friday, July 15, 2005

Washington Press corp -- Sunny and Happy times reporting on Bush Family Evil Empire...


Back from 3 week vacation visiting family in Minnesota. Was long overdue.

With refreshed body and mind I am now ready to refocus my laser-like wit and merciless attention to the dirty, albeit gleeful, task of exposing the fraudsters, liars, thieves, and just all-around democracy hating fascist bastards who permeate right wing Republican politics these days in America.

Let's get things off to a start with this story of an interview that long-time ABC News and Washington correspondent Ann Compton gave on NPR radio today:

Compton, when asked to describe which scandal and subsequent investigation most stood out in her mind during her 30 + years of covering the White House responded:

Ann Compton: "The most difficult moments are when we’re dealing not with policy, but with human failings, and I think the darkest months that I covered at the White House was at the beginning of the second term of Bill Clinton. President Clinton was accused of engaging in...“behavior”...with an intern, and how offensive many people found it, and the fact that it later turned out the president lied to the country, and lied to federal prosecutors, made that the darkest and most unhappy time I’ve ever covered here."

Imagine that!! The most horrible and darkest and unhappy time poor old Ann ever had in 30+ years of covering the White House was when Bill Clinton fibbed about getting his free, lovingly and willingly given blow-job from Monica Lewinsky. HORROR OF HORRORS!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!

Good god all-fucking mighty!!! Does it really surprise anyone why most people hold Ann and her sexually-repressed, bird-brained, millionaire, pampered-elite media brethren in such low esteem these days?

A married man, The President of the United States of America, put in the spotlight, trying to squirm his way out of having to publicly admit that he let a flirtatious, obsessive, star-struck, nutty slut slurp his boner was a more horrid story to have to cover than say ---

.... ohhhh -- A dubiously elected President and Vice President lying through their teeth about the reasons for going to war against a sovereign nation, slaughtering upwards of 100,000 Iraqi civilians, wasting the lives of 1800 brave American military personnel, funneling billions of dollars to their corrupt cronies in the defense industry, bankrupting the national treasury, alienating long-time allies around the world, bumbling the war on terrorism, bumbling the aftermath of their ill-advised Iraq invasion, losing billions of Iraqi oil dollars earmarked for reconstruction of Iraq's bombed out infrastructure into an untraceable black hole, lying about the non-existent connection between Saddamn Hussein and the 9/11 attacks, lying about their twisted, deliberate outing of a covert CIA agent in order to politically backstab her husband because he told the truth about their lying in the Iraq/Niger yellow-cake case, lying about practically every policy issue they've been trying to shove down America's throat, and basically just being greedy, dishonest, thieving politicians who's disdain for the rule of law and democracy ought to have them at the top of the list of TRAITORS to this country.

But nooooooooooooooooooo ---- Ann Compton says Clinton's free hummer was a much darker, and unhappy time for poor sensitive reporters like her --- boo hoo hoo!! Darker Ann?? Monica playing Bill's skin-flute was a darker episode in the history of mankind than Bush, Cheney and Rove's lies that have resulted in the violent, bloody deaths of tens of thousands of people and the absolute destruction of America's prestige around the world?? And what is this "unhappy" shit?? Who cares if your unhappy Ann?? It's your fucking job to report unhappy news to people. Nobody gives a flying monkey's ass about your personal feelings about the stories you report on. Your personal feelings have no goddamned business being involved in your work anyhow. And finally Ann, according to your own words then, if the Clinton/Lewinsky episode was the darkest most unhappiest reporting you've ever had to do, what does that say about your reporting on the current Bush administration and their crimes against America and the world?? You feel sunnier and happier about what they're doing in all of our names??? If that's truly the case ---- Fuck you and your cowardly ilk Ann.

Any wonder I view the Washington press corp with such a jaundiced eye and a gutful of bilious revulsion?? Any wonder at all???


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