Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pat Tillman: A hero abused and misused

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad."
~ Aldous Huxley

Here's an article full of truth which ought to make those of you who care about virtues such as honesty and decency absolutely furious.

Everyone now knows how the Bushistas and their media puppets hyped the Jessica Lynch story, tranforming the petite, pretty, young blonde girl from West Virginia into a modern-day Ramboette. The lies were numerous and of course the whores in the media were falling all over themselves to see who could print them first. In the end it turned out to be nothing more than another Karl Rove Goebbels-like propaganda scheme that had managed to sink about as low as low could get.

Fast Forward - - - And now we have the truth finally coming out about the tragic Pat Tillman episode. Remember Pat Tillman?? NFL superstar, handsome, buff, boy-next-door, who turned down a multi-million dollar contract to play pro football for the Arizona Cardinals so that he could join the Army and defend his country . . . remember?

Turns out the All-American, uber-patriot, super-macho, GOP whitebread image that was foisted upon an all-too gullible public by the Bush war toadies happens to have been . . . guess? P.R. bullshit -- as only the Bushies can do!! Pat Tillman was actually an intelligent, liberal-minded individual who's ability to critically think for himself, led him to be an avid reader and a fan of leftist writer Noam Chomsky. Tillman was also strongly of the opinion that the Iraq war was illegal and he vocally expressed that along with his dislike for dear leader G.W. Bush to his fellow soldiers.

Upon notice of his death, the macabre Bushistas immediately saw an opportunity to use his death as a rallying cry for their ineptly managed war in Iraq as well as a military recruitment tool to draw more young kids into their deadly web of lies, death and destruction. They along with their lackeys at upper levels in the Army covered up the truth about Tillman's death (his own squadmates accidentally killed him). How these assholes thought they could get away with a whitewash of that magnitude is absolutely stunning and quite frankly pure evil.

So there you are Bush supporters --- more lies propping up your phony boy King. When will it end? When will you finally acknowledge that Bush and his people are pathological liars who truly don't give a shit about you, your children or this country?? When???

Click here to read all about the whole Tillman sordid mess.


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