Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bushies play dumb about Abramoff . . . Media pretends not to notice . . .

You've got to wonder at what point the mainstream media will finally come to the realization that their 5 year mission to provide political cover for our Simian frat-boy president and his con-artist handlers in the GOP is no longer fooling a majority of Americans.

Contrary to desperate GOP dissembling and spin and right-wing, blowhard pundits falling all over themselves trying to paint the Abramoff scandal as a bi-partisan affair, all evidence at this point simply proves what brazen liars they all are.

Uber-crook Abramoff was a former national leader of the College Republicans; he's worked for Republicans all of his post college career; he's made numerous public statements re: his commitment to see Republicans and only Republicans elected to political office; Tom Delay, Mel Blount and other high ranking Republicans spent alot of time around Abramoff and his criminal enterprise, milking it for every penny they could get there grubby GOP hands on; Abramoff kicked in a cool $120k to the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign and was awarded the lofty/elite title of "Bush Pioneer" -- a title only for those fat-cat donors who stuffed Bush's pockets with $100k or more in campaign cash; Jack Abramoff and his associates paid more than 200 visits to the White House since the crooked Shrub/Dick regime stole their way into power; and now the White House refuses to reveal the details surrounding those visits -- what are they hiding??

If the mainstream media in this country wasn't a bought and paid for bunch of whores, they'd be demanding answers as to the reason for each and every Abramoff visit to the White House.

All I know is this -- when the revolution comes -- these worthless, democracy-hating media sons of bitches ought to be the first bunch flogged in the public square. I only hope I get my turn to do some of that flogging.


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