Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The WSJ - taking assklownery to new levels of absurdity . . .

The consistently goofy and perennially wrong Wall Street Journal editorial page asks the burning question that's on all Enquiring right-winger's minds:

Obama and Acorn
Is there a case for a special prosecutor?

Let me get this straight.

Lying about blow jobs = special prosecutor.

Loose association with ACORN = special prosecutor.

Lying America into a needless war that's resulted in untold death and destruction, a bankrupt national treasury, and a world image and reputation so shattered it will take decades to undo the damage = [sound of crickets chirping].

James Taranto -- you sir are an assklown. How big of a bonus did Rupert Murdoch pay you under the table (and we all know what you were really doing under Uncle Rupert's table don't we?) to write that stupendously juvenile drivel?

As a matter of fact, this editorial is such a magnificent specimen of assklownery, I can't even find an equivalent picture that will do it justice to post along with it.



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