Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dracula Lives ! ! . . . . Old, blood-thirty vampires never die, they just flail away . . .

Oh right -- because the last guy I want to hear pontificating about how we must honor our troops is Dick Cheney. Here's a guy who willfully sought out and received 5 draft deferments to avoid having to serve in Vietnam when it was his time. "Shotgun Dick" was also the "mastermind" behind the policy to manipulate intelligence and deceive Congress and the American people into backing the very stupid invasion of Iraq, which if you ask any sane and honest historian, will tell you was one of the worst foreign policy blunders in this country's history.

So yeah -- I have no respect for Dick Cheney. And his long "career" in government service is meaningless to me. His chickenhawk past and his horrible judgement on Iraq trump whatever "accomplishments" he and his sycophantic supporters love to bellow about.

Frankly, anytime I see Cheney's sneering face on television these days it just makes me want to pull off one of my Caterpillar, steel toed boots and toss it at the tv screen.

Just saying . . .


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