Saturday, December 19, 2009

HCR . . . . the old fashioned (corrupt & innefective) way

WASHINGTON, Dec. 19, 2009

Senate Democratic leaders inched closer to attaining their goal of passing a health care bill by Christmas as Ben Nelson, the Nebraska senator who had been skeptical of the bill, jumped on board, winning major concessions for his state, and the Congressional Budget Office released an optimistic cost estimate of the legislation.
Senators plan to work through the holidays to get a health care bill passed.

The Senate health care bill will reduce the deficit by $132 billion over the next 10 years and will cost $871 billion over the same time period, according to the CBO report released today. The revised health care bill would expand coverage to about 94 percent of eligible Americans under age 65, excluding illegal immigrants.

President Obama today hailed the legislation as "the largest deficit reduction plan in a decade," and praised the changes for making the health care bill stronger.

On one hand this version of "health care reform" that's been raped and bastardized by the GOP obstructionists and the Blue Dog Dem back-stabbers is nothing more than a great big ol' shit sandwich from a pure progressive standpoint. On the other hand, the hard-core conservatives are are having a major league shit fit about it and since there's 60 votes in favor of it, they are powerless. My conflict about how to feel about it is quite obvious.



Anonymous said...

Do you know what "Deficit Reducing" Means? Or, for that matter, "Deficit Neutral"?

That means that "WE" the "TAX PAYERS" are going to foot the bill... Of course Congress thinks it's the greatest bill since the "civil rights" bill or Medicaid...They aren't paying for it...It will be on the weathered backs of the working man and small business owner. In a recession the last thing you want to do is "Tax" the working class. But, I guess, that is what Liberals are for...take from those who work for what they have and give to those who don't....

Merry Christmas....Puppet! LOL!! I still love ya, Injun....

krazeeinjun said...

I'll answer your crock of shit when I'm sober.

krazeeinjun said...

I'll answer your crock of shit when I'm sober.

krazeeinjun said...

Ok. I'm semi-sober. Here's the bottom line. The sorry state of health care in this country is bleeding us ALL dry. Death by a billion paperwork cuts. Why is it that of ALL of the industrialized countries in the world, the U.S. spends, per capita, TWICE as much as the nearest country and yet still ranks 37th in overall quality of care. Why do you think it is that 60% of all personal bankruptcy's in this country have unpaid medical bills as the root cause? Why do you think the big insurance and pharma corporations spent all those hundreds of millions lobbying to water down the legislation and kill any public option or medicare opt-in option? Frankly I think this bill sucks because it does not have a public option which would have forced the greedy fucking insurance companies to compete against the buying power of the federal gov't. Then again, it is a very small step towards one day having universal coverage like the rest of the world has. Thus my conflict.

You know another thing that I find rich about the conservatives crying about "Deficit reduction?" Where were those voices of concern during the Bush years? Bush inherited a $200 billion surplus from Clinton, gave it all away to the top 2% of income earners in his first term (trickle down my ass), then proceeded on his path to destroying this country's financial foundation with his misguided Iraq and Afghanistan adventures and his "brilliant" stewardship of the economy. Sorry man, I've run out of patience and understanding for the right wing crowd and their "conservative are better fiscal managers of the economy" crock of shit. History does not bear that braggadocio out. Oh yeah .. I still wuv your raggedy ass too. Happy New Year Fook!