Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Xtian Jerk Alert ! !

It's assholes like this guy that turned me off to organized Christianity many, many years ago. And I haven't regretted it for a nano-second.

Excerpt (more like excrement) from said asshole's hate-filled column:
Barack Hussein Obama's deity is the god of the Koran — Allah. His personal savior is Allah, though he professes to be a Protestant via his membership in the theologically liberal United Church of Christ (Congregational / UCC). That would make him out to be a witness to Jesus Christ; of course, that is bogus, including his testimony that at an altar at Chicago's Trinity UCC he discovered Christ. If it was Christ, it is not the Christ of the New Testament.

Obama's so-called holy writ is the abominable Koran. His hope for eternity is unknown; but if he becomes a suicide bomber for Allah, he will be guaranteed pronto a score of virgins for everlasting. His hope for the present seems to be his reliance upon Islam's Koran furthered by his clandestine support of Islam World Rule via czars and a shadow government given to overthrowing our Republic.

In January 2009, Marxist Muslim's Obama seemed to be riding high on mob hysteriacs seating him proudly in the Oval Office. Recall he told the world, "I won." Countless devotees showed up at his inauguration. He was applauded throughout Congressional halls as the new messiah promising "hope" and "change."

Not yet a year later, he has not produced productive "change" for America; therefore, there is no grassroots "hope" in the Pied Piper who led millions into his lying machine.

Today he is below par in polls. He has not accomplished anything worthwhile, per Saturday Night Live spoofs, for example.

Today he is on the verge of submerging America into the trenches due to his pro-Islamic policies installed by crooks and Muslim cronies surrounding him 24 / 7.

These are the people who've hijacked the Republican party since the "Reagan Revolution" and their sick mindset permeates the ranks of the core establishment.

I have no doubt that if there is any single group of people that will be the incendiary catalyst for future civil conflict in this country it's going to be these fuckheads.

Having said that though, they had best be careful for what they wish for. Last time I checked, fundamentalists were still a fairly insignificant minority of the church-going public.

I don't think it's too off base to think though that it's a good ass whooping by us heathens and sane Christians could be the dose of reality that's needed to keep these assklowns in line.

Time will tell I guess.


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