Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ugggh . . . .

I'm such a masochist for watching this shit so early in the morning. Alas - somebody has to keep an eye on the goose-steppers:

Doocy: One other thing I think we should point out, they did challenge Saturday Night Live to put them on as guest hosts -- together.

Kilmeade: They should take that up.

Carlson: Some people are saying they might be on the ticket together, down the road. Maybe Saturday Night Live will be the first stop.

I realize watching the Fox & Friends asshats gushing over a Palin/Beck, Beck/Palin presidential ticket is par for the course for that fascist network, but I will honestly say that after viewing that spine-chilling clip, that if the day ever comes when Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are President and Vice President, it's the day I'm the fuck out of here. Because that truly will be the final death cry of constitutional democracy in this country. Really.


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