Thursday, February 25, 2010

They love him, they love him not . . . they love him, they love him not . . . ad nauseum

The always observant Joe Conason drills deep into the demented mindset of your average, lizard brain Teabagger.

An excerpt:

Scott Brown’s skillful mimicry of populism was what originally endeared him to the tea party gang. They loved him, too, because he was prone to make a stupid remark now and then that reflected their own prejudices perfectly, as when he suggested that Barack Obama was born out of wedlock -- or when he compared his supporters with the lunatic who flew an airplane into the Austin IRS headquarters.

But today thousands of Brown’s most fervent fans have realized that he is actually everything they despise: a Republican in Name Only, a Benedict Arnold, a Massachusetts liberal, probably a Marxist. And they brought the bile to sites across the Web:

“Scott Brown is a lying douchbag--- just wait and see!”

“Yo Scott Brown…Always knew you were a lying RINO!”

Why? Because he voted for the stripped-down, tax-cutting, locally oriented and essentially conservative jobs bill pushed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Cyberspace has been aflame all day with furious outbursts by wingnuts who believe that Brown let them down.

Reading their posts on Brown’s own Facebook page, it is clear that many of them have no idea what is in Reid’s jobs bill, nor do they much care. Cutting taxes for small businesses and helping governments pay for bonds to build infrastructure is denounced as akin to communism -- solely because the bill is sponsored by the Democratic leadership. Of course, the Senate minority leader and all but four of Brown’s fellow Republicans essentially adopted the same position (which indicates that they are eager to obstruct any Democratic legislation, even if it simply mirrors their normal policy preferences).

The Teabaggers have the attention span of a fruit fly and any expectation that they will actually ever utilize the higher order thinking capabilities of their spastic lizard brains is hopelessly optimistic at best.


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