Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bible Thumping Terrorists in our midst . . .

This is why I don't want these sanctimonious fuckheads anywhere near the levers of government power:

Last month, AFA bloggers wrote that federal employees “can be shot” for passing health reform, which they termed a “MussoliniCare bill.” While the views of the AFA are certainly fringe, the influence AFA enjoys within the Republican Party is widespread. During the health reform debate, Republican lawmakers joined with AFA representatives for a “Prayercast” to kill the bill. Top Republican legislators, from both the House and Senate, often appear on AFA affiliated radio to attack President Obama and concoct conspiracies about his agenda.

Yeah --- because that's what Jesus would do you know --- put a bullet in someone's head as punishment for voting for Health Care Reform.

The American Family Association wingnuts truly are no different or any better than the Taliban and quite frankly, as long as the Republican party considers them a legitimate voting bloc and an integral segment of their political base - all the more reason to keep the Democrats in power (as lame-ass as they may be).


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