Friday, April 30, 2010

Hey you with the Churro in your hand -- let's see your fucking papers amigo!!

Wonk Room recently obtained an email written by Kris Kobach, a lawyer at the Immigration Reform Law Institute — the group which credits itself with writing the bill — to Arizona state Sen. Russell Pierce (R), urging him to include language that will allow police to use city ordinance violations such as “cars on blocks in the yard” as an excuse to “initiate queries” in light of the “lawful contact” deletion:

How about "pinatas" at kids birthday parties? "Ranchero music" being played on the stereo while washing your car? Buying "carne asada" at the local butcher shop? A statue of the "Virgin Mary" on your car dashboard? All sound like reasonable rationale, in the same vein as "cars on blocks", for the Arizona Stasi to jack you up against a wall and demand your "papers" -- right??

As much as I am cognizant of the fact that a boycott will hurt some good people who are not party to the "your papers please brown person" immigration bill just signed into law by the Arizona goose-steppers, I am thinking that it is probably the only message that can be swiftly and easily delivered which they will understand in a broad, unambiguous sense. Negatively impact their revenue generating activities - it worked when Arizona was the last state to refuse to recognize the federal MLK holiday and I have no doubt it will work again.

It's a shame that conservative fuckheads always need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the universal sphere of moral and spiritual enlightenment and intellectual advancement of the human species but it is what it is.


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