Monday, May 03, 2010

Rush and FOX say "eco-terrorists" to blame for oil rig disaster . . . WTF?

Not unlike the stench of fuel fumes which are currently despoiling the pristine air along America's beautiful Gulf coast, one can also smell the putrid desperation oozing from the pores of the right-wingers. The hate radio screechers and the Rupert Murdoch cable t.v. con artists want so badly to hang the yoke of blame around the liberal's and Obama's neck for British Petroleum's oil disaster, that they've simply decided to do what they and their ilk do best -- just make up some ridiculously childish fairy tale shit, repeat it ad nauseum in the right-wing media echo chamber, and hope a speck of that shit sticks.

I mean - think about it. What Rush Limbaugh and the FOX Noize clowns are insinuating is that some very crafty, technologically advanced, dirty fucking hippie tree huggers stealthily navigated their way 80 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico, dove 5000 feet into the murky depths of the ocean to plant a bomb at the point of the oil wellhead where the explosion is reported to have occurred, then ascended back to the ocean's surface, sat in their RonCo Portable decompression chamber to avoid the bends, and lastly, made a completely undetected getaway and subsequent remote control detonation of their magical, nautical, mystery explosive.

This is why I have a hard time dealing constructively with my right-wing, conservative peers. The level of rank idiocy needed to readily suspend one's belief in reality, reject any attempt at rational thought and mindlessly embrace the unbelievable is something I have great difficulty coming to grips with. What's significantly disturbing more than anything to me though is that this form of slanderous lunacy appears to be standard operating procedure for the conservative movement in this country these days. Bereft of sane ideas to move the country forward, they instead have cynically resorted to a scorched earth policy towards truth in pursuit of ideological tyranny. It is not something that bodes well for Democracy and the future of this country.


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