Saturday, July 24, 2010

Crime pays -- when will the real traitors be held accountable?

When I sit and reflect upon what has occurred in this country in the past 3 decades, and specifically as it relates to the culmination of our present economic crisis, I've truly come to believe that Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda must be absolutely beside themselves with glee at the current misery being experienced by the American people. Not glee over their own vile terrorist actions, but glee at seeing America consume itself with it's own unbridled greed, hubris and ignorance.

No doubt my detractors will call me a communist, socialist, America hating traitor for stating this but quite frankly I'm not certain that the Wall Street hoodlums and the banksters have not done more damage to America and it's democratic republic than the assholes who flew the planes into the World Trade Center towers nearly a 8 years ago.

I think the ruling elites have played their poker hand quite brilliantly. They have liberals and conservatives at each other's throats, the mainstream media behaving like fair weather referees in the manufactured conflict, and while that theater is playing itself out, the plunderers are skulking out the back door with the national treasure stuffed in their already overflowing pockets.

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Here's a link to the article and video: [CLICK HERE]

You may think it sounds over the top, but we truly are in a war for the survival of American democracy. Only it just may be that the true and most dangerous enemy may be some of our own citizens.


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