Saturday, July 03, 2010

Gallup poll states the uber obvious . . .

July 2, 2010
Tea Party Supporters Overlap Republican Base
Eight out of 10 Tea Party supporters are Republicans
by Frank Newport

PRINCETON, NJ -- There is significant overlap between Americans who identify as supporters of the Tea Party movement and those who identify as conservative Republicans. Their similar ideological makeup and views suggest that the Tea Party movement is more a rebranding of core Republicanism than a new or distinct entity on the American political scene.

Translation: Teabaggers are primarily conservative, white, right wing Republicans, mostly from the south and the southwest (Arizona undoubtedly) with a smattering of yahoos from the midwest.

Well fucking duh!

I have been stating that from day one when this social "phenomenon" calling themselves The Tea Party suddenly materialized on the American political scene out of thin air literally within weeks of the dirty negro's inauguration.

The media has lamely attempted to portray the teabaggers as some entirely new, grassroots political movement that incorporates an even sampling of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, moderates, etc.

As usual, the media is full of shit.

I don't deny the Teabaggers their right to form their own new political party. What I object to is the deceit in trying to portray themselves as something they are not. You can dress up right wing, Republican conservatism all you want and even call it anything you want -- in the end though it's still right wing, Republican conservatism.

Thank you Gallup for proving me right once again.


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