Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Buy Gold from my Sponsor -- and the Lord will bless thee . . . [snicker]

This is what truly frightens me about the Teabaggers.

Glenn Beck is the most highly regarded individual among Tea Party supporters of the people we tested. He scores an extraordinarily high 75 percent warm rating, 57 percent very warm.

This affinity for Beck came through very clearly in the focus groups. The only news source that participants said they could trust was Fox. Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity were cited as people who “are not afraid to tell it like it is” and support their arguments with solid facts. Beck was undoubtedly the hero in these groups. Participants consider him an “educator” (in contrast to the popular Rush Limbaugh who is an “entertainer”) who teaches people history and puts himself at risk because he exposes the truth. In the words of a woman in Ft. Lauderdale, “I would trust my life in his hands.”

Other comments are just as laudatory:
"I like the way he’s trying to get back to the basics of the Constitution of the United States because I think that’s where our government is losing focus. They’re trying to change the Constitution or somehow twist it…"

"He brings out facts… And he actually shows the people saying the things. It’s not like just sound bites. It’s not chopped and really edited. And he is scary because every time I watch the show, which is pretty much every day, my heart feels…and I feel like I want to do something."

"I’m frightened for him… Because of the things that he says. I think that he is stepping on some big toes."

"He really does his research and he really lays it out to you well; a good professor."

I mean really --- come the fuck on! If, after listening to the following clip, you still are of the belief that Glenn Beck IS NOT full of shit and IS NOT just cynically manipulating your fearful, impressionable little brain for fun and personal profit --- well --- I cannot state that I sympathize with you in any way shape or form if the Beckerheads of the world some day worm their way to power and plunge the whole fucking country into a headlong, empire collapsing free for all:

All the more reason for me to believe that this paleolithic, group-think mindset, which is prevalent amongst the Teabagger crowd and that puts someone of Glenn Beck's vapidity and manipulative charlatanism on such a lofty pedestal, is something that needs to be monitored with a healthy measure of suspicious vigilance.


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