Friday, August 13, 2010

Flying Monkeys . . . and the such ...

While it's heartening to see the mainstream media at long last start to push back against and debunk some of the right wing lies and bullshit, the fact that they are having to do it at all is a depressing indicator of the level of batshit insanity that has engulfed right wing conservatism, and by proxy, the Republican party:

I mean think about it ... the right wing has managed to actually get mainstream news coverage of a wholly manufactured fairy tale theory of theirs which they are referring to as "terror babies":

CNN's Anderson Cooper could have done a much more devastating take down of this garbage and these assholes by having the phony, dim-witted Texas Congresswoman on at the same time as the FBI guy so they could both tell her to her face what a lying, full of shit clown she is.

**UPDATE**: Cooper subsequently had on the original peddler of this ridiculous story Texas (what the fuck is in the water in that state??) Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert to defend his fairy tales. GomerTurd nearly had a brain implosion as Cooper tried to get him to offer even so much as a shred of evidence of the crap he was spewing -- watch it:

And so I mock them. And my conservative friends can call me a partisan all they want, but there isn't anything partisan about exposing liars and their lying lies and it's unfortunate they are too blind or too willfully ignorant to see that.


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