Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Beck joins Limbaugh's call to punish Americans who voted for Democrats...

Hot on the heels of Limpballs declaration the day before yesterday that Americans who cast votes for Democrats hate their country, today, post-election, we have the resident Fox News carnival barker Glenn Beck stating that because California and Nevada voters decided to vote for Democrats that those two states should be excommunicated from the union.

Remember folks -- these statements are coming from people who proclaim the loudest that they represent and are the "real" Americans and that anyone who disagrees with them is not a "real" American.

This is why I fight them. And yesterday's election results notwithstanding, I will continue to fight them. The Limbaughs and the Becks of the world are making a direct assault on the core principles of democracy and if they are successful it becomes just a matter of time before America joins the ignominious ranks of the world's foremost banana Republics.


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