Thursday, August 04, 2011

Changes . . .

** A T T E N T I O N **

krazeeinjun has embarked upon a new endeavor and has moved on to (literally) greener pastures.

The krazeeinjun blog was started in 2004 after krazeeinjun witnessed a political witch hunt which culminated in the hypocritical, partisan impeachment of a popularly elected President for personal foibles. krazeeinjun knew for goddamn certain that if it had been a Republican president, impeachment would not even have been on the table for discussion. As it was, the coup failed and the target of that impeachment left office with a 70% public approval rating. And the people who impeached that President are still at it today, only they have a new target in their crosshairs. It was that episode which prompted a furious krazeeinjun to start his blog and vent his anger and views, not just about the impeachment, but also about politics and other subjects in general.

Anyhow, after a 1000+ posts on his blog, krazeeinjun has decided to retire the name, which incidentally, was chosen simply because it happened to be his online gaming character name at the time - lol. Time to start afresh.

Here's a link to the new blog - new and improved, but same sense of humor, same caustic view of right wing conservatives and religious nuts, and same interests in music, humor and all things media.


Thank you for your patronage over the years and please stop by and visit my new digs.

Yours truly,


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