Friday, June 11, 2004

Hmmm . . . Let's Think This One Over . . .

At first glance I was incensed by this article, but after careful and thoughtful consideration, I've decided this might not be such a bad idea after all.

Think of it - - we gather up all the Christian fundamentalist religious whack-jobs in this country, and herd them into the state of South Carolina, which is already sympathetic to their nutball ideology and belief system. We can then seal them off from the rest of the sane-minded citizenry with a 50 foot high, 100 foot wide, steel and concrete wall that's topped off with row upon row of concertina barb wire. Once enclosed the whackos will be free to institute their own little fundamentalist theocratic government and society to their jesus-loving heart's content!!

Meanwhile, the rest of us will be free to enjoy life, enjoy loving, enjoy being humane and kind to eachother, enjoy laughter, enjoy the diversity of eachother's cultures and beliefs, enjoy the beauty of preserving our natural environment and enjoy the rewards of a true democracy.

Hmmm --- I'm beginning to like this idea very, very much . . .


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