Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Unimaginable Stupidity . . .

I'm all for hunters and legitimate sportsmen owning firearms. I'm for responsible ownership of handguns providing a reasonable criminal and mental health background check has been done.

Having said that, who in their right fucking mind could possibly be cheering the right-winger's plans to allow the expiration of the assault-weapons ban? Keeping Uzis and AK-47's as far away from America's violence-prone culture is not only sane it is moral.

These NRA goons who believe their shitty little right to play with their GI-Joe toys outweighs the overall good of society are a bunch of selfish, immoral, conscience-less pricks. And if you ask me, Bush and Ashcroft are nothing more than the NRA's paid-for bitches who bend over and grease up at the snap of Wayne La Pierre's fingers.

It's really hard to find much to argue with in this author's article.


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