Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Barking up the wrong tree - - still . . .

The writer of this article is absolutely correct when he states,

"I don't know what the administration was thinking when it invaded Iraq even as the direct threat from bin Laden and Al Qaeda continued to stare us in the face. That threat has only intensified. The war in Iraq consumed personnel and resources badly needed in the campaign against bin Laden and his allies. And it has fanned the hatred of the U.S. among Muslims around the world. Instead of destroying Al Qaeda, we have played right into its hands and contributed immeasurably to its support.

Most current intelligence analysts agree with Secretary Ridge that Al Qaeda will try before long to strike the U.S. mainland once again.

We've trained most of our guns on the wrong foe. The real enemy is sneaking up behind us. Again. The price to be paid for not recognizing this could be devastating."

With half of the fear-baited American electorate putting blind faith in this election-thieving, stumble monkey pResident, it's only a matter of time before we're caught with our pants down again. It makes one almost want to weep just thinking about it. The colossal incompetence and idiocy of George Bush and the banana-Republicans currently controlling the government I fear is going to lead to a lot of heartache, misery and perpetual instability in this country. I'm convinced only one thing can potentially stop their mad rush to ruin - - throw the bastards out of office on election day --- every goddamn last one of them.


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