Friday, August 13, 2004

Bush AWOL story awaits real scrutiny . . .

Funny how America's press has the attention span of a 2 year old child - - unless of course the subject has anything to do with Bill Clinton's penis or any other sordid story with sexual overtones.

I'm still waiting for one brave scribe to dig deeper into the story of George W. Bush's desertion from his National Guard duty during Vietnam. It appears that our vaunted national press corp turned tail and ran from the story the moment Karl Rove deviously dumped a gazillion pages of old and useless documents on them. God forbid should our press corp have to do any real work and perform some good old fashioned investigative journalism huh?

It's all the more important that someone revive the Bush AWOL investigation now. The current Kerry smear campaign by Rove's handpicked pond-scum "Swiftboat Liars for Truth" headed by one-time Nixon toady and GOP hitman John O'Neill has shifted the attention not only from Bush's military desertion but also from the truly important issues of the current presidential campaign. It's classic GOP bait & switch goon tactics. The American people deserve better and the fact that these proven liars are even given airtime to spew their bile about a decent man and candidate for President speaks volumes about the state of the American media itself. Pond-scum tends to gravitate towards it's own kind is how I view it.

Here's one military vet's response to the current attempt to destroy a good and decent American patriot, a military war hero, and a decent and honorable human being - - John Kerry. Be sure to check out the URL references at the end of the article for additional sources which document the truth that George W. Bush is a liar and war-time deserter and that the current character assassination campaign against John Kerry is nothing more than sleazy, lying, rich friends of Bush, GOP gutter politics at it's most disgusting.

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