Friday, August 13, 2004

More truth about Bush's Tax cuts . . .

Once again, a reputable analysis tells the truth about Bush's tax giveaway to his wealthy benefactors.

It's amazing to me how the moron America crowd can sit and bitch and moan about how Kerry is going raise their taxes (he's on the record as saying it will not happen) yet our lying boy king of a preznit is revered by them even as he steals money from their paychecks to give to the rich. I guess that's why they're known as the moron America crowd.

At the heart of the argument are two very basic, unrefutable truths - - Bush's tax cuts have not spurred job growth (still 3 million lost jobs in the hole Shrub) and the revered tax cuts have not benefited the middle class or the poor but instead have made the wallets of the richest in this country even fatter.

Read it and weep morons - - just click here.

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