Friday, August 27, 2004

Is this nation drunk? . . .

Damn good question, and a valid one. The political events in this country over the past few years has got to make one wonder what the fuck is wrong with the mindset of the American populace - - -

Allowing a blatantly partisan impeachment of a twice-elected (legally) sitting president over a private consensual affair; allowing a corporate-subsidized, compliant media to paint Al Gore as a serial liar, while (the real serial liar) George W. Bush is depicted as just a good 'ol boy who's a straight shooter; looking the other way as numerous and documented voting irregularities and legal manipulations in Florida by the Bush mafia resulted in a partisan Supreme court ruling which halted the legal vote counting, thus handing the election to Bush; allowing Bush to act like he had a mandate to govern despite the fact he lost the popular vote by more than a half-million votes; giving Bush a free pass on responsibility for the September 11th terrorist attacks, even though it happened 9 months into his watch and he'd been repeatedly warned terrorists were intent on striking America on it's own soil; rushing America headlong into a an ill-advised, unnecessary preemptive war (the first in our nation's history) against Iraq without support from traditional allies, without proof to support their initial rationale for war (WMD's), without a plan to win the peace once the bombing was done, without foreseeing that the invasion would only serve to inflame the Muslim world thus creating even more terrorists, and, without completing their first war in Afghanistan and capturing the true perpetrators of the 9/11 attack, Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

Has America collectively lost their ability to reason? Has some form of mass psychosis overtaken our brains inhibiting us from being able to think clearly and intelligently? Have we gone insane en masse?? Are we in truth nothing more than just a bunch of uneducated, t.v. hypnotized, apathetic, war-glorifying, christian-fundamentalist-whacko, all-mighty dollar grubbing, isolationist, Armageddon-seeking fucking morons??

Or, as the author of this article asks, are we as a nation just drunk? Here's an exerpt:

"So, let's see: Bona-fide war hero turned incredibly articulate, educated, gifted Vietnam War protester and respected senator on one side, alcoholic AWOL failed-businessman born-again pampered daddy's boy evangelical Christian on the other. Is this really the contest? Bush slugs gin and tonics like Evian while Kerry is accused of ... what again? Not being incredibly heroic enough? Wow."

The fact that our idiot nation is even taking the Bush smear assault on John Kerry's Vietnam war record with any sense of seriousness and believibility tells me alot about my fellow Americans --- and it scares the shit out of me. The German bourgeoisie (that's middle class for you uneducated rubes) in 1930's Germany exhibited the same apathy, same selfishness, same indifference toward the scourge of fascism in politics, same gullibility to media propaganda, same misguided belief in the vile concept of pre-emptive war, and the same inability to not think that unbridled hubris, arrogance and disrespect for international law, treaties and peoples wouldn't somehow result in the slow, cancerous deterioration of their own democratic foundations. Of course History, a subject most Americans have a woeful cognizance of, shows us exactly what happens when a nation enshrines itself in nationalistic pride, electoral apathy, state-sponsored media and religion, and smug militaristic self-glorification - - - - well, Adolf Hitler isn't here (thankfully) to tell us all about it, but perhaps now you get the picture.


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