Wednesday, August 25, 2004

U.S. Navy says Bush and pals are the true liars!!

The United States Navy Task Force is officially on the record as supporting John Kerry's version of the 1969 event in Vietnam that led to his receiving a Bronze Star and his 3rd Purple Heart.

Read it and weep moron America --- click here.

Kerry, of course, has been under attack for the past few weeks by a shadowy, Republican funded, Karl Rove concocted Bush/Cheney front group of former Vietnam Vets called "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth," or SBVT. The group has made numerous unsubstantiated charges that Kerry was either (depending on which liar is speaking which day) undeserving of his medals, or, somehow, in a cowardly manner, schemed to receive them. Some of the SBVT spokespeople and supporters have even accused Kerry of intentionally inflicting his own wounds in order to receive his Purple Hearts and to facilitate an early exit from the Vietnam combat theater.

Now that the Navy has released historical records backing up Kerry's recollection of the events in question, I suppose Kerry's attackers and some of my own dear friends will now breathlessly exclaim that the Navy has gone back and altered official historical archives all in support of some sinister, conspiratorial effort designed to further the Presidential aspirations of the Honorable Senator from Massachusetts.

Well - - here's some well-meaning advice to the conservatives and others who insist on promulgating the lies of the Bush/Cheney/Rove slime machine and their gutless, sellout surrogates in SBVT. Why don't you all take your bumbling litany of lies and your clown posse of hired stooges and stick them up as far up your right-wing, fascist asses as you possibly can!! Then - - take a trip down to Crawford, TX and Bush's ranch and shit it all out right there on the front doorstep of Dumbya's house. Now that's a patriotic act I would heartily consider worthy of effusive praise!! Ha!!


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