Thursday, September 16, 2004

Can it happen here? It's already started . . .

It's no great secret that most Americans have a notorious and well-documented ignorance of history. Ask your average Joe USA on the street to give a brief accounting of how Mussolini's Fascists or Hitler's Nazis came to power in the years preceding WW2 and your likely to get either a glassy-eyed stare or some goofy, discombobulated answer void of facts and rife with historical revisionist buffoonery.

And that is a sad state of affairs indeed. As the right-wing consolidates it's power in this country, it might do our citizenry well to take the time to learn the root causes which allowed the monstrous regimes of "Il Duce" and "Der Fuhrer" to bully their way to power in pre-WW2 Italy and Germany. We owe it to our ancestors who fought and died to establish this great democracy to do everything in our power to ensure it's long-term preservation. Bush War Czar Donald Rumsfeld mocked "Old Europe" when they failed to sanction or support Dumbya's ill-advised rush to war in Iraq. Rumsfeld, like the rest of the Bush neo-cons, is an idiot of course. "Old Europe" knows all too well the danger that unbridled Nationalism combined with Fascist Imperialism poses to democracy. They don't need no "steenking" advice from the likes of small-minded xenophobes like "Darth Rumsfailed."

This article outlines quite well the price America will pay if we allow "it" to happen here.

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