Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Conservative values --- My ASS!!

So - it's come to this.

This is the kind of country the conservatives have wet-dreams about. Network television cancelling a Veteran's Day showing (uncut version) of Steven Spielberg's incredibly patriotic and emotional picture "Saving Private Ryan."

The reason for the cancellation is because local affiliates around the country are terrified that if they show the movie with all of it's realistic violence and realistic language, some bible-thumping hill-billies will blow a gasket and report them to the FCC and they'll incur hefty fines for displaying "indecency" on the public airwaves.

Of course the answer for the "offended" folks is an easy one. Just cut out every swear word, every violent scene and show the remainder of the movie. Anyone who's seen and is a fan of this movie knows how devastating that would be to the overall substance and quality of the film. It simply wouldn't be worth watching in any other format than it's original uncut version.

This military veteran is so sick and fucking tired of these whining, ass-backwards, biblical prophecy spouting, democracy-hating, taliban-like assholes, I just want to goddamn puke!! It's "SAVING PRIVATE RYAN!!" for Christ's sake!! If these fuckers are allowed to solidify a grip on political power in this country, it ain't going to be much longer before the book burnings begin. The parallel with the Nazis rise to power in pre-war 1930's Germany with what's taking place in America today is goddamn frightening.

I hope America wakes the fuck up soon and stems the tide of this intolerant, hateful religious meddling in government and politics. It's an utterly incestuous relationship that will only hasten the downfall of the Democratic Republic that our founding fathers envisioned for us all. Either way, having already been witness to the cowardice of my fellow citizenry as they meekly succumbed to the Bush/Cheney/Rove fear mongering in this last election, I'm slowly drafting plans to emigrate to an alternate freedom loving country in the event the American Taliban has it's way here.

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