Friday, November 12, 2004

The United States of . . . . .Fundamentalist Christianity

This is the fucking goober Red-state America wants as it's leader?? Jesus-holy-shit-on-a-stick!!

This nation is in big trouble if snake-oil-salesmen like James Dobson get their hands on political power.

WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA!!! You fucking somnambulent pussys!!!

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Chesty1775 said...

Despite being a liberal...we still love you at the Cafe, Injun!

-Your Right Wing, Bible thumping [not], Bill O'Reilly Lovin, Red State Person [Embeded in a Blue State "NY"], Extreme Gun totin', Task Force Dagger "Molestin", loveable Jar-Head.


krazeeinjun said...

Hehe -- being a military vet myself, I hold a very dear spot in my heart for jarheads. The debt American owes it's fighting soldiers from Revolutionary times up to todays conflict in Iraq is incalculable. I will always be proud of my military service and proud of those who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the survival of our democracy. Having said that -- why do you numbskulls in the military continue to vote for politicians who do not have you or America's best interests in mind? I just can't figure that one out. Republican foreign and domestic policies are ruining America's status around the world and weakening us here at home. And spare me the speech on moral values. What's so goddamn moral about a President who lied his country into an unnecessary war, killing 1200+ brave American soldiers (to date) and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians?? If that's the conservative's definition of morals, count me the fuck out. Let's not even mention that this ill-advised invasion of Iraq has been an Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden (remember that guy?) dream recruitment advertisement, almost ensuring another generation of America-hating terrorists to keep us at war for decades to come. It didn't have to be this way. Smarter people warned Bush & Cheney. They didn't listen and now America is paying the price for their incompetent and corrupt leadership.