Sunday, November 21, 2004

Red-state America and the Republican party have connived themselves into believing that they, and only they, are the political party and people of the moral and virtuous.

Liberal, progressive America has been sucker-punched, insulted and lied to long enough.

I dare one fucking conservative to justify their argument that Bill Clinton's lying about a consensual sexual affair harmed this country more than George W. Bush sending our military men and women to war over a shit-load of lies.

I triple dog-dare u conservative pricks to make that argument! You boatload of uneducated, biblical-prophecying, stupid fucking morons. Yeah -- that's right -- you heard it.

And fuck you if u think I'm going to apologize for that. No more Mr. NiceGuy liberal here.

I've learned my lesson well from the Republicans and conservanazis --- give no quarter --- have no mercy --- kill, kill, kill!

My comments section is open. Fuck with me --- please!!


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