Wednesday, December 22, 2004

KKK Prom Queen? In red-state America, it's not beyond realm of belief . . .

You know --- because of the age of the individual at the center of this story (a graduating high school senior), I might be tempted to muzzle my true feelings and words here.

Fuck that.

This stupid bitch might just as well have worn her daddy's Ku Klux Klan, point-headed bedsheet to the prom. When will these fucking southern rednecks get over the FACT! that their stupid, bigoted, bible-thumping, intellectually-challenged, cotton-growin' asses got the shit kicked out of them in the Civil War?

Fucking retards!! I'm so sick of them. Instead of building a wall between U.S. and Mexico, how about a wall between America and the the reddest of southern red-states?? Would suit me just fine and dandy thank you!

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