Tuesday, December 28, 2004

American morals -- as projected by Bush, Inc. . . . .

Here's some good old fashioned, conservative, Republican, Bush/Cheney/Rove moral values for you.

The King George administration pledges a measly $15 million in aid to Asian countries devastated by recent 9.0 earthquake which thus far has claimed 45,000 human lives -- click here.


They somehow are able to come up with $30 - $40 million to stuff the fat-cat faces of their corporate whore donors and political cronys at Bush's sleazy inauguration and ball in January -- click here.

And these are the same moral values defenders who insist that a black woman's nipple exposed for a millisecond on national television is immoral??? What the fuck is wrong with this picture???

I'm sticking to my guns about loving this country, but I'm beginning to hate it's people and it's phony, hypocrite-inspired, anti-humane culture.

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