Saturday, January 29, 2005

Will the American Sheeple stir? . . . the world hopes so . . .

While the faithful American sheep were dutifully observing the coronation of their cult-leader boy king on inauguration day, the rest of the civilized world was casting a weary eye on the continuing blood-bath in Iraq.

This article at once evoked feelings of anger, despair, sadness and hope in me. The hope comes from a small part of my being that believes that decent, thoughtful Americans will finally, at some point, come to their goddamn senses and hold George W. Bush and his henchmen accountable for their lies and deceptions which have entangled this great country in another un-winnable quagmire of a conflict.

What's going on in Iraq has nothing to do with seeking justice against the murderous scum who perpetrated the September 11th attacks. It was always a desire of Bush and the neo-cons to finish Poppy Bush's 1992 war the way they believed it should've been finished. They cynically manipulated America's anger over the 9/11 attacks to facilitate their nefarious and deceitful agenda --- mainly being the willful imposition of American style democracy over the middle east -- a region of the world that has been mired in internecine war over religious hatreds for centuries.

The neo-cons are fucking stupid people. Ambitious? Sure, but pure and simple stupid fucking people. They have no concept of the reality of what the middle east is all about. Western regimes, such a Britain, France and others have already experienced the bitter pill of trying to impose their ideological and cultural will on the Arab people. They've all failed miserably and the reason is obvious --- except it appears, to George W. Bush and his neo-con clown posse.

Anyhow, read this article. If it makes u feel nothing, then count yourself one of Bush's robotic, mesmerized lackeys.


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