Saturday, February 12, 2005

Howard Dean -vs- GOP bullies and liars -- my money is on Howard . . .

Hoo-ray for Howard Dean! and congrats on being elected the new leader of the Democratic National Committee. It's about time the Dems swallowed their fucking idiotic pride and put someone in charge who's not afraid to step on a few toes and more importantly, throw counter punches when punched.

If everyone recalls, the whore media stuck a jagged, rusty dagger in Dean's back when they uber-hyped the infamous "Dean scream" when Dean was addressing his supporters upon the outcome of the Iowa caucus -- he finished in third place.

Unfortunately, what the boot-licking prostitutes in the media didn't tell anyone was that Dean was using a directional, noise-cancelling microphone which filters out background noise. Television news reporters ought to know better because they use these type of microphones all the time when doing reports in noisy public venues. Anyhow, the crowd noise that evening was absolutely deafening for those there in person, but on live television, the only thing heard was Dr. Dean's voice.

Suffice to sadly say, the media low-lifes portrayed Dean's exhortation to his followers to not give up as the rantings of an unhinged, raving lunatic. And they played the videotape of "the scream" over and over and over and over ad nauseum. And because the American television-viewing sheeple tend to believe every moronic thing they see and hear on the idiot box, Dr. Dean's promising candidacy spiraled downhill from there.

Well -- it looks like Howard just might have the last laugh on the media pricks in the end after all. Just today at the news conference announcing his DNC win, some shit-for-brains reporter asked Dean, "some Democrats say that they are worried about the image you give to the party."
Howie wasn't playing that game. His response was beautiful -- telling the toady reporter that he wouldn't "respond to blind quotes," then moving swiftly to the next question. Yesss!!! That's the way to treat these fucking idiotic, pre-pubescent mud-slingers. If they can't ask a straightforward, semi-intelligent question dealing with substantive issues, tell them to fuck off and die. I'm liking Howard a whole lot more today as a result of that answer.

Anyhow, here's the story.

I'm officially renouncing my renouncing of the Democratic party now that Howard is in as leader. We have a fighting chance at overcoming the ReThuglicans now.


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