Saturday, February 12, 2005

Rapture loving religio-whackos hate America and Democracy . . .

Reason #17,234 as to why krazee is not a Christian.

Too many mentally unstable, humanity-hating, democracy-hating, love-hating, downright creepy people claiming ownership and divine knowledge of the faith.

Anyone who's buying into the lies and bullshit of the Tim LaHayes of the world and their Armageddon countdown nonsense, is way too fucking insane to be left unmonitored in my opinion. The Department of Homeland Security ought to be keeping close tabs on these Christian nut-cases instead of following around law-abiding, sane American citizens who might look middle-eastern or have middle-eastern sounding names. These robotic religious handjobs feverishly believe that a nuclear holocaust would be just fine and dandy, especially if it hastens the fictional return of their fictional saviour.

I'll be blunt -- the right-wing Christian fundamentalists in this country frighten me a thousand times more than the Osama-Bin-Ladens of the world.

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