Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Welcome to the Schiavo News Network -- We Distort You Deride!!

Since the cable and network "news" (the word "news" anunciated with dripping sarcasm) hucksters are milking the Terri Schiavo story for every ghoulish rating point they can muster, I'm going to keep putting my 2 and a half cents worth of opinion into the shitpile of opinion that's already been expressed on this matter - - so here goes . . .

Today we had the chief spokesperson for the most powerful leader of the most powerful nation in the world, getting on national television and purposely and knowingly lying through his fucking teeth in order to score political points with their partisan fringe idiot supporters. As if Bush and the neo-con right wingers haven't already stained America's reputation abroad with their phony oil war and their hostility towards anything that doesn't line the already stuffed pocketbooks of their crooked, greedy business cronies, we now have them sticking their pious noses into a single family's tragic medical decisions all in a sick, twisted attempt to encourage a few more religious morons to lemming-like march to the polls and pull the lever for them in the next election.

"This is about defending life," said Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, trying to explain the extraordinary paroxysm of government activity this weekend. A frenzy that saw the generally inert Congress working late into the night and the constantly recreating President Bush cutting short a weekend on his Texas ranch to hurry back to Washington to intervene in the Terri Schiavo case.

If that statement isn't the biggest, lie-filled, steaming-hot pile of horseshit I've ever heard, I don't know what is.

According to a small army of court appointed physicians, who over a 15 year period of time have directly examined Terri Schiavo over and over and over again, this woman's brainstem cortex is nothing more than a few tablespoons of gelatinous goop and the absolute fact of the matter, sad and tragic as it may be, is that she is brain dead and completely oblivous to any form of external stimuli.

Oh sure, I've heard about the pathetic video her well-meaning but desperately misguided parents have been shopping around to the GOP politicians and the right-wing religious whackos -- yes whackos -- and rightly stated since the parents have enlisted as a family spokesperson, the insane, democracy hating Christian Nazi and rabid anti-abortion terrorist, Randall Terry. The family claims the video shows Terri Schiavo responding to conversation, verbal commands, visual stimuli, etc. The Republican Judge, George Greer, who also saw the video, in it's entirety, noted that not only did Terri not respond directly to the verbal and visual stimuli but that she "REPEATEDLY", to multiple attempts, displayed no reaction whatsoever to the stimuli for nearly an hour of taping! Why would this Republican judge lie??

Aside from the fact that Bush and the GOP fascists have trampled all over the state courts and state rights and the individual rights of Michael and Terri Schiavo, they've also made a complete fucking mockery of the Constitution and rule of law. Just seeing that sleazy, demonic snake-oil salesman Tom DeLay on television deceitfully pontificating about the reasons for his party's forceful intrusion into this private family matter makes me ill and makes me truly wonder whether or not my fellow citizens understand the danger of allowing these bloviating, self-righteous, self-serving political miscreants and their gaggle of mealy-mouthed, sanctimonious groupies to get away with shitting on the Constitution and abusing the legislative power "We The People" have entrusted to them.

If these people can, at the midnight hour, when most politicians are out of town, convene a small group of conniving, dishonest and fascist whore politicians to enact legislative laws directed at a single individual . . . . - - - well, if you can't see the obvious danger in that scenario, then perhaps you don't deserve to live in a democracy. You'd most likely be happier living under the old Soviet Union style of government -- one that controls every aspect of your life . . . . and death.

Pull your heads out of your asses America --- this group of Nazis running the country today ain't your Daddy's Republicans . . . . . ohhhh no they ain't . . . .


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