Thursday, March 24, 2005

The "Pro-Life" crowd --- in reality the hypocritical bullshit crowd . . .

It sickens me to see these "Christian" huckster-dolts kneeling in fervent prayer outside the doors of the hospice that is caring for the medically-diagnosed, brain-dead Terri Schiavo. I would be greatly remiss in my observation of this sad situation if I didn't note that these pious knee-benders do appear to have one trait in common with the object of their ghoulish obsession, Mrs. Schiavo --- absolutely zero brain-wave activity. Zilch. Nada. Such is the state of mind of the manufactured hypocrite.

I would love to interview any one of these shameless, opportunistic bible-thumping zombies and ask them what they think of the plans of their Republican Congress to cut Medicaid funding. Medicaid is America's primary health-care safety net for the poor. It's also, ironically, a program which happens to be picking up part of the tab for Terri Schiavo's hospice care. Discussion about this subject, I damn well guarantee you, would elicit nothing but blank stares from these devout pretenders.

While I had their attention, I'd also ask them where were their voices and prayers last week as their Republican Congress pushed through the ultra-draconian bankruptcy reform legislation. Legislation, which while making it harder for normal citizens (fellow Christians too) who've suffered catastrophic financial loss as a result of a sudden medical crisis or of an unexpected job loss to file bankruptcy, simultaneously opened new loopholes for the wealthy to protect their luxury assets. More blank stares from these sanctimonious meatheads.

Hell, since I'm on a roll why not ask:
  • where were their voices and prayers when their Christian-hero President George W. Bush was lying to the American people about the reasons for sending our young men and women off to kill and die in a phony oil war? And they continue to kill and die needlessly to this day.

  • where were their voices and prayers when it was discovered our military and CIA had been authorized to use inhumane torture methods against captured Afghanis and Iraqis, many innoncently caught up in Bush's incompetently administered " war on terror" -- methods which, until this administration, the United States had concurred with the rest of the world, by being a signatory to the Geneva Convention Treaty, as being unlawful?

  • and of course, I can't wait to hear the forlorn wailing of their Christian voices and prayers, when Bush and his cabal of neo-con, imperial stormtroopers (Cheney, Rice, Rummmy, Wolfowitz and Feith) once again use the pretext of war on terror to invade another sovereign, middle-east nation (Syria, Iran, Jordan, etc.) thus guaranteeing a need to revive the military draft in this country and the need to send more young kids off to kill and die in a foreign land. Only these kids won't be dying in the service to America and traditional American ideals and values, oh no --- they'll be dying to simply and solely appease the greedy and bloodthirsty appetite of the country's mighty military, industrial complex.

Continued blank stares, drooling and a few murmured prayers pleading for their mean-spirited deity to smite my blasphemous, blue-state, liberal-elite ass. Oh yeah!!! This is the "Pro-Life" crowd alright!

Pro-Life MY ASS!!!!


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