Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fox News: Ass-Clown Central!

As Media Matters so artfully reports: Fox News resident retard and blowhard John Gibson was up to his old self --- making up shit out of thin air in order to smear the reputation of Democrat John Kerry.

What's with the Ass-clowns at Fox anyhow?? What is the deal with their sleazy lying about, vilifying, bullying and just down-right hating anyone who dares question Emperor Bush and his cash n' carry criminal enterprise?

Also -- what's up with their creepy psychotic obsession with trying to destroy John Kerry?

Wasn't it enough that they jerked themselves into a frenzy by pimping the Swift Boat Liars lies ad- nauseum to their brain-dead viewers thus ensuring a black mark on Kerry's integrity regardless of the fact that it was a bunch of vile bullshit? I can't wait for that fascist old fuck Rupert Murdoch to keel over and die. Even though he has his brain-washed son and minions to carry on the yellow journalism legacy, just knowing that that soulless old cocksucker is burning in hell will be a supremely joyous thought to me.

Anyhow, krazee got so wound up over Gibson's infantile report that he launched an e-mail to the phony, bleach-haired, buck-toothed slanderer.

Here it is in it's entirety:

April 14, 2005

To: Fox News "The Big Story with John Gibson"
Attn: John Gibson

Dear Mr. Gibson,

What a silly, sorry putz of a "journalist" you are. And I use the term journalist quite loosely.

Your amateurish attempt to smear John Kerry with the totally bogus charge of revealing the identity of CIA officer Fulton Armstrong at the Bolton confirmation hearing is a delightfully prime example as to why Fox (Faux) News is the media laughingstock amongst the educated masses.

I must tell you though, you have a long ways to go to reach the level of giggle-inducing absurdity displayed by your fellow Fox News Ass-clown, Shepard Smith, when he breathlessly reported the demise of Pope John Paul II several hours before the pontiff's actual passing. Now that's top-notch, professional Ass-clowning if I don't say so myself!! Ha ha!

Anyhow, I digress -- exactly how amateurish was your attempt Mr. Gibson to smear the Honorable Massachusetts Senator? So much so that you completely ignored a basic "fact" of the story -- that it was actually Republican Senator Richard Lugar who first invoked Mr. Armstrong's name, not Sen. Kerry. Secondly, and here's your Ass-clowning part, you bufoonishly ignored a report by your own Fox News colleague Brit Hume, the day before, in which Mr. Hume quoted the CIA as saying "It's not the end of the world, since previous CIA work put the officer's name out there," and, "We're not talking about someone who is doing deep espionage overseas." Facts which, by the way, have been magnificently dissected by the good folks at

Let's be honest here. Your childish diatribe was nothing more than a deliberate effort by you to provide cover for the Bush administration criminals, who purposely and with malicious intent, outed a true deep cover CIA operative Valerie Plame.

If there's any frog-marching to be done, it'll be the toads from Bush's putrid, festering swamp, namely his own cabinet, and Karl Rove ought to be "toad number one" being shuffled off to frog-prison.

You might have the trailer-trash, beer guzzlin', bible-thumpin', brain-damaged ditto-heads fooled with your piss-yellow journalism rantings Mr. Gibson, but it's not even close to passing the smell-test for those of us who have the ability to think for ourselves and bother to take the time to actually read the news and filter out the propagandistic garbage of which Fox is famous for disseminating.

One day Americans will wake up and smell the stench emanating from the Rupert Murdoch media-dogshit pile and that will be the turning point to eradicating your ilk from the public airwaves. I do so look forward to that day.



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