Friday, July 22, 2005

Nevermore speak the Roven. . . .

I've been holding my tongue on the Karl Rove treason case.

Not because I have nothing to say about the story. On the contrary, I've never had such a level of pure disgust and rage welled up inside me aching to direct a humongous load of bilious invective at one individual.

However -- the time has come -- I'm going to start slow . . . . so follow along . . . .

Click here to see what some career CIA operatives (people putting their lives on the line to maintain our national security) have to say about the dirty deeds perpetrated by that slimy toad and coward Rove, along with winks and nods from the boy idiot Bush and his puppetmaster Dick Cheney.

These CIA people are not partisans. They are loyal, patriotic Americans who have seen evil and criminal behavior destroy the undercover work and career of a fellow CIA agent and they are fucking pissed off about it.

If Bush had an ounce of integrity in his sad-sack little-man body, he'd give this cocksucker Rove the heave-ho quicker than the GOP party hacks can scream -- "it's Clinton's fault!"

Don't expect the Bushistas to do what's right though. These people have been fucking America in the ass since the day they squatted their bullying, lying, stealing asses in the White House and they're not about to start apologizing and behaving ethically now.

To them the game is all about maintaining power --- screw the law, screw national security, screw ethics, screw America!! Meanwhile, the GOP party as a whole is doing everything in it's sleazy power to whitewash Rove's crime. Doing so is not only hypocritical, unethical and phony, it enhances the danger to the American people's national security.

Wake the FUCK UP America!! Good god ---- you have criminals running the country!!! Speak up!! Bush, Cheney and Rove don't give a flying fuck about Mr. And Mrs. Mainstream American. They don't!!! Get it thru your thick heads for God's sake!! All they care about is their own level of political and financial power. You, we are all just expendable pawns in their insane little game.

Please Wake up America ---- please? . . .?

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