Friday, July 29, 2005

Bush nominates corporate crook to manage American's savings and investments: Ho-hum! says the mainstream press....

Is there even one honest, decent human being amongst the primordial slimebucket of characters that George W. Bush keeps nominating to high positions of government??

Here we have the latest crook, Rep. Christopher Cox a California Republican, nominated to head the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). The head of the SEC is responsible for rooting out corruption on Wall Street (remember Enron and "Kenny Boy" Lay?) and for vigilant oversight of American's pension plans, 401k's, education funds, etc.

It appears Rep. Cox has perjured himself in front of congress as regards to the extent of his involvement in an investment swindle that cost a boatload of small investors more than $130 million and several lawsuits.

Can anyone see a pattern here with Bush and his picks for high offices?? One could swear he's scraping the bottom of the sleaze and corruption barrel based on the backgrounds of these people.

If the Democrats only had an ounce of spine in their gelatinous backbones, they'd string this prick Cox up by his gonads and then throw this putrid nomination in the trash can where it belongs. Then dump the whole steaming pile of shit on the front doorstep of the White House for the idiot Bush to step in as he walks out the door in the morning.

Read this story and then tell me you trust this cocksucker Cox to manage your life savings. You know what to do -- just click here.


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